Flooding & Overland Water Insurance Update & Tips: Aviva Canada

Flooding ongoing in New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec, forcing thousands of Canadians from their homes

Toronto, ON (May 1, 2019) – With severe flooding continuing to affect Canadians across the country, Aviva Canada has shared the following information relating to flood and overland water insurance, with tips to help homeowners reduce their risks.

Overall, Aviva Canada has seen an increase in flood and overland water claims in Ontario in the last three years:

  • The number of claims from the first quarter of 2019 is approx. eight times higher than the first quarter of 2016;
  • Between April 18th and April 28th this spring, we’ve already seen hundreds of claims.

As the number of extreme weather events has grown over the past five years, we have amended our coverage to meet the needs of Ontario residents whose homes are being affected:

  • We were the first insurance company to introduce overland water protection, and today more than half of homeowners in Ontario now purchase our Overland Water Endorsement;
  • The frequency and intensity of storms means that even inland locations are now being affected, thereby creating a greater need for protection from flood damage;
  • Flood coverage wasn’t needed for most residences in Ontario because floods would typically be limited to homes near a river or large body

Tips for homeowners to help reduce the risk of flood damage to their property:

  • Store important or valuable items upstairs and away from the basement;
  • If flooding is imminent, turn off electricity to areas of the home that may be impacted. Use sand bags or install flood shields on basement windows and doors;
  • Consider refreshing your outdoor plants near the home with ones that resist soil erosion;
  • Ensure lot grading directs water from the house;
  • Direct the rain discharge from downspouts away from the house foundation;
  • Install a sump pump with backup battery to help carry groundwater away from the house foundation;
  • Install a backwater valve in the sewer to prevent water backing up into your basement from the municipal sewer lines;
  • Speak to your broker or agent to ensure that you have the right insurance policy and coverage.

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Source: Aviva Canada Inc.

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