APRIL Canada launches online quotation request tracking tool

Organization continues to build on its innovative momentum with debut of online file tracking tool

Toronto, ON (Apr. 22, 2019) — In line with the many changes made by APRIL Canada since last summer, and in accordance with its values of Challenge, Innovation, Trust and Simplicity, APRIL is pleased to announce its latest launch: an online file-tracking tool.

In the digital era, APRIL has decided to provide a new service to its broker partners.

Via a dematerialized tool linked to internal file processing software, APRIL now offers all its broker clients a simple interface, enabling them to monitor the progress of their quotation request in real-time.

Thus, whether the file is being processed by an underwriter, awaiting approval, being drafted or another status, the follow-up will be clear and will allow a simple reading by the broker.

APRIL wishes to move forward in a transparent manner and even indicates the name and contact details of the underwriter in charge of the file!

About APRIL Canada

APRIL Canada is the largest independent MGA in Canada backed by worldwide expertise in providing innovative insurance solutions. Our ambition is to change the image of insurance by keeping things simple. With a team of highly skilled specialist underwriters, APRIL develops and offers a wide range of products across personal and commercial lines for your clients’ special risks and for niches products. True to its values and commitments, customer relationships are at the heart of what we do. Teamwork and partnership between underwriters and insurance brokers are central to providing the best solution for insured clients.

By choosing APRIL you can be assured of high quality advice and excellent service.

For more information about APRIL Canada please access our website:  www.april.ca

Source: APRIL Canada