Matrix Labour Leasing Partners with Besurance Corporation to launch Free Health and Wellness Program to Clients, Colleagues, and Employees

Calgary, AB (Apr. 10, 2019) – Over the next five days, more than 30,000 people connected to Matrix Labour Leasing will receive an invitation to access a free health and wellness program on Besurance Corporation’s You 2.0 mobile app platform.

“We are really excited about this launch,” said Shannon Warren, Founder and CEO, Matrix Labour Leasing Ltd. “What separates You 2.0 from typical health and fitness platforms is the focus on habit formation through “easy to do” micro-activities. Sixteen years ago, when I started this company, my goal was not just to be a participant in the industry, but to drive meaningful and positive change to people’s lives. Industrial and construction work can be very stressful for the mind and body. By offering You 2.0 to our community, we hope to create a fun, engaging, and non-invasive way to form good habits.“

The co-branded You 2.0 experience will offer the Matrix Community a variety of daily micro-activities ranging from mindfulness, fitness, nutrition and finance specific to the skilled trades demographic. All activities are delivered in a learn, action, and test format with snippets of digestible information. All activities and games are incentivized to boost participation.

“This is going to be a game changer for the construction industry,” said Minaz Lalani, FCIA, Chairman of Besurance. Not only does You 2.0 deliver expert driven and habit forming content to employees, but it helps companies like Matrix understand their employees better and provide them with the support they need.”

According to a report by Dr. Allison Milner and Dr. Phillip Law from the University of Melbourne, one in five construction workers struggle with mental health issues,[1] which has been correlated with high rates of suicide. The report suggested that several company based programs that promoted education, stress reduction and awareness made a significant impact on the test group’s overall wellness.

You 2.0’s wellness experts develop programming through the study and aggregation of best practices. They then work with a content team to simplify and gamify the activities. With quick wins and incentivization, You 2.0 is designed to attract and engage more people for a longer period of time.

You 2.0 can be downloaded on iOS or Android devices by clicking below. Public and media can access content by entering the code Friends2019.

Launch Video


1. Constructible: Mental Health In Construction [STATS] (May 8, 2018)

About Matrix

Matrix Labour Leasing is a full-service, employee-centric organization that offers skilled labour solutions to the construction industry. Matrix has been honoured by Alberta Venture, listed in the prestigious Fast Growth 50 program, as well as Business in Calgary’s Leaders of Tomorrow, and the 2013 Profit 500. For more information, visit

About Besurance

Besurance Corporation is an Alberta-based, privately-held insurance and technology incubator/innovator that include Fenchurch General Insurance AIME Financial, You 2.0 and Besure (Software as a Service facilitating social insurance, peer-to-peer risk sharing and product incubation). For more information, visit

About You 2.0

You 2.0 is an AI-driven Wellness app that delivers micro-activities specific to individuals. It is designed to maximize a user’s probability of good health and longevity. View the You 2.0 tear sheet. or visit to learn more.

SOURCE: Matrix Labour Leasing

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