MORE TH>N rewards loyal customers with new cashback scheme

MORE TH>N is the first insurer to launch a cashback scheme

Toronto, ON (Mar. 19, 2019) – Insurer MORE TH>N has launched MORE TH>N REW>RDS, a new cashback scheme to help loyal customers offset the cost of renewing their insurance.

The scheme gives home, pet and car insurance customers unlimited cashback[1] on purchases at hundreds of high street and household brands, which is stored in an online wallet. The growing list of retailers available currently includes Tesco, Morrisons, Just Eat and many more.

MORE TH>N customers[2] can sign up by visiting the MORE TH>N REW>RDS website and creating an account. Using the REW>RDS website or mobile app, customers can then click through to a retailer’s site to gain a cashback reward for their purchases.

At renewal, the cashback customers have earned will be paid into their bank account, giving them the option to either put it towards the cost of their new policy or spend it elsewhere. If customers choose not to renew their insurance policy, they can still access the cashback they have built up, minus a £35 administration fee to cover the cost of the scheme.

Customers can also connect their credit or debit card to their REW>RDS account to effortlessly earn cashback on their everyday spending with retailers such as Byron Hamburgers, Jack Wills and more. There is no limit on the savings a user can make but the average shopper is expected to earn around £300 cashback per year by using the service.[3]

Customers can also download the MORE TH>N REW>RDS Notifier on a PC to let them know if the website they’re browsing offers a deal they can access via the REW>RDS website.

Kenny Leitch, Global Connected Insurance Director at MORE TH>N, said:

“We’re proud to be the first insurer to offer a cashback scheme for our customers, helping them save money to pay for their insurance. As the scheme gives unlimited cashback some customers could even make money from it if they earn more than the cost of their renewal.

“MORE TH>N staff have been testing the scheme and one of our employees racked up more than £600 in five months. We know that managing finances, while juggling family life, can be difficult so we’ve worked to make the scheme as simple as possible, allowing customers to earn as they spend by linking their account to their credit or debit card.”

For more information, visit MORE TH>N REW>RDS.


1. Subject to the terms and conditions of available offers.

2. Home, Pet and Motor Insurance customers but the offer does not extend to SM>RT WHEELS, travel and business customers.

3. Estimate  of £300 based on UK households average spending Apr 17 – Mar 18 (Office for National Statistics).


MORE TH>N is the direct financial services arm of RSA. Established in 2001, the company offers car, home, pet, business and travel insurance. For more information, visit

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