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Get the Best: The New Insurance Order Trumps Sweet Grifting

When I was 16, I found part time work after school at a large, independent drug store.  Beyond deodorant, soap, lipstick, and the like, the owners had really good candy.  And, the owners prided themselves with really good candy that came from Europe and England.

The owners were quite generous with the Baby Ruths and Twix, leaving open boxes.  But the new stuff was put under lock and key.  One older (19 year old)  stock boy had the key.

The other staff had to pick up some of the senior’s work to get the good stuff.   And all went well, until the owners discovered the sweet grifting trick, and the good stuff just went away, shortly after our senior’s skip.

In a way, I’ve been feeling the same way I did back then.  The difference is that I’m getting early looks at insurance-technology tools, platforms, methods, and mobility… and not twisting the law.

There are two, very fast streams.. 

We’re getting ready for the 2019 Technology Conference, tomorrow and Wednesday (February 26-27) in Toronto.  And I’m sneaking to pick up some stuff.  I couldn’t fit in all the goodies, but here are a few you might like:

We have excellent strategic analysts looking at larger areas, including:

And there’s much more

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