Wildfire, spills, earthquakes are biggest threats to Whitehorse

The biggest natural risk for Whitehorse is the threat of a wildfire reaching the city, according to a new report

Whitehorse, YK (Feb. 19, 2019) – The City of Whitehorse has published its Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis Report online. This important report, prepared by Ottawa-based consulting firm Calian Emergency Management Solutions, will help the city prepare for the worst and most likely risks and allow for the creation of exercises and training programs.


Identifying and measuring risk against realistic metrics is an important step in establishment and maintenance of a comprehensive Emergency Management Program. Completing this process and taking appropriate planning and development actions will enable an organization to mitigate hazards where possible, prepare response and management programs to take action, respond safely and effectively, and recover with minimal disruption and loss. In short, a HIRA enables an organization to improve their overall resiliency.

Calian’s HIRA is an accounting and qualitative measure hazard of impact on a community or organization. It takes into account many information streams including historic accounting of incident frequency and severity, traditional knowledge of local and indigenous peoples, professional opinion of response organizations, and industry best practice. A complete and current HIRA can be used as one tool to assist city leaders and responders prepare for and take action to prevent serious and costly emergency actions.

Executive Summary

This HIRA is a qualitative examination of the Likelihood, Consequence and Risk of specific hazard types as they relate to the City of Whitehorse. The project team responsible to gathering and assessing the risk data was comprised of members from various city departments, the Yukon Government, and RCMP. The HIRA methodology, facilitation of all client and stakeholder interactions, and final assessment of hazard information was completed by Calian.

The HIRA has identified 28 hazard types with the potential to impact the city. This list is not exhaustive and cannot be considered a total accounting of all risks and hazards. In addition, the compounding of several hazards can significantly modify the impact or risk associated with a hazard. This hazard list is well suited to aid city decision makers in their work to provide emergency management and response services to the city and for prioritization of mitigation efforts.

Access the Report

Read the full report here.

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Source: City of Whitehorse

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