Boxx Insurance Inc. accelerates growth with Cyberboxx™ solution for the transportation and logistics industry

Toronto, ON (Jan. 31, 2019) – Boxx Insurance Inc., a Toronto-based insurance provider, today announced a strategic initiative to help businesses in the transportation and logistics industry stay ahead of cyber threats with its flagship Cyberboxx™ solution. This initiative is part of broader investments to create differentiated, industry-focused, and cost-effective cybersecurity and cyber insurance solutions for critical, yet vulnerable, Canadian industries.

The transportation and logistics industry – which includes trucking, air, rail, and marine, as well as storage, cargo, and courier services – is the first industry of focus due to growing demand.

“As transportation and trucking providers become more digitally connected, they are also gaining more attention from hackers looking for a big haul. Our research shows that this industry is highly vulnerable to cybercrime, from interception of communications between telematics devices and their service providers, to cargo theft, to complete suspension of all business services. These threats have grave consequences not only for businesses but also public safety,” said Vishal Kundi, CEO and Co-Founder of Boxx Insurance, “That is why we are making investments across specific industry verticals, such as Transportation and Logistics. This investment signifies our commitment to keep this industry moving by providing them the necessary tools to predict, prevent, respond and recover successfully from a cyber-attack.’’

To lead this strategic initiative, Boxx has welcomed industry specialist, Tat Wong, to the Boxx team. Wong is an accomplished insurance executive with experience across commercial fleet, and Casualty and Inland Marine (Cargo) products. He is a tech-savvy ‘connector’ who is well-respected not only across the insurance industry, but also within the broader transportation and logistics community. Prior to joining Boxx, Wong led the Canadian Long-Haul Trucking and Risk Management business for a large North American insurer.

Wong said, “I am very excited to join the Boxx Insurance team, where I will continue my work to protect transportation companies from new and growing risks – such as cyber. Helping businesses remain cyber safe in a connected world ensures they are able to continue their important role as drivers of the Canadian economy.”

About Boxx Insurance

Boxx Insurance Inc. is a new type of insurance company for a new type of risk.

Our team includes technology entrepreneurs, academics, and underwriters. We work closely with the most respected insurance and technology partners to provide solutions that help small business clients manage their total risk exposure – starting with cyber risk.

Our flagship product, Cyberboxx™, is the first fully-integrated cybersecurity and insurance solution for small-to-medium-sized businesses. With Cyberboxx™, businesses can stay ahead of cyber threats, respond to attacks, and re-secure their business faster and more cost-effectively.

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About Cyberboxx™

Cyberboxx™ is the first fully-integrated cybersecurity and cyber insurance solution for small-to-midsized businesses. Officially launched in November of 2018, Cyberboxx provides its member businesses with access to:

  • A real-time risk score that monitors the running state of an organization’s cyber exposure and provides alerts when that score changes;
  • Live threat intelligence, to stop hackers before it’s too late;
  • Enterprise-grade firewall protection;
  • Their own team of cybersecurity and breach response experts; and
  • Comprehensive cyber and data insurance backed by Lloyd’s of London.

Cyberboxx is available exclusively through insurance brokers in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, with additional provinces to come.

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SOURCE: Boxx Insurance Inc.

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