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A 2019 ICTA nomination

Toronto, ON (Jan. 28, 2019) – In October 2018, Aviva Canada Inc. and Accident Support Services International Ltd., in collaboration with the Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO), implemented a first-in-Canada real-time claims First Notification of Loss (FNOL) integration service for customers reporting their vehicle collisions at Collision Reporting Centre (CRC) locations across Canada.[1] This new service leverages accident, location, policyholder, driver, vehicle, and witness data that is collected and validated by the CRC to start the Aviva’s FNOL process in Guidewire ClaimCenter – automating the creation of a new claim if one does not already exist.

In addition to automating the creation of the claim and the first-party incident, the integration also automatically enrolls the customer in Aviva’s customer notification solution that immediately informs them via email and/or SMS of their assigned claim number. It also subsequently updates them on their assigned adjuster’s contact information, liability and deductible decisions, rental and repair arrangements, total loss decisions, and more.

Speeding up the intake of new claims and getting customers’ repairs/replacements moving faster are key to Aviva’s customer-centric claims strategy. Streamlining the customer experience and eliminating duplicate data entry for adjusters requires that Aviva continuously look for opportunities to leverage data and deepen its integration into the external partner application ecosystem, like the Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System (CROMS) that’s used by the CRCs. The CRC FNOL integration is already allowing Aviva to make first contact with customers up to 50% faster on new claims, often via proactive outbound calls to customers rather than relying on inbound calls from the customers as would otherwise have been the norm. The service will be further enhanced to incorporate automated third-party incident creation, and automated collection of damage photos and reports, both of which will allow for acceleration of the damage appraisal process and repairable vs. total loss decisions, thereby streamlining the claim flow for customers and staff alike.

The FNOL service developed by Aviva and invoked by the CRC has been designed according to the established CSIO standard for first notification of loss, which will enable Aviva to rapidly extend the service to Brokers, allowing them to submit FNOLs directly to Aviva right from their Broker Management systems. The service also enables Aviva to work with other ecosystem vendors and InsurTech players as new service models emerge.

Business impact

Approximately 16,000 claims are reported to Aviva Canada every year from CRC locations across the country. Up until now, the information provided to the CRC by customers had to be collected for the second time upon first notification of loss contact with Aviva’s claims centre. Typically, it takes 24 to 72 hours for a collision reported to the CRC to make its way to Aviva in the form of a supervisor-approved first-party incident report. By that time, an Aviva adjuster has typically already established first contact with the customer.

The introduction of the new FNOL service fully automates the initial setup of the claim and the first-party incident, saving adjusters up to 5 minutes per claim, and saving customers from having to repeat what happened to their claims adjuster. The new service also opens up the possibility for Aviva to engage with customers by phone in real-time while they are still at the CRC location, before key decisions are made regarding towing, rental, and repair.


1. Read the concurrent press release: Aviva Canada and Accident Support Services launch first real-time, automatic claims process (Jan 28, 2019).

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Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI) is the private enterprise element of a partnership between police, insurance companies, and private enterprise. The company is the operator of several Collision Reporting Centers and the creator of the Microsoft Award-winning collision records management solution, CROMS (Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System).

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Source: Aviva Canada and Accident Support Services International

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