New InsurTech Software Suite Helps Clients Manage Independent Contractors Seamlessly

Toronto, ON (Aug. 20, 2018) – Crawford Compliance Inc., a subsidiary of Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. today announces the launch of a new contractor management solution. In line with Crawford’s mission to restore and enhance lives business and communities, we continue to innovate and build solutions that mitigate risk and reduce losses. The latest addition to this portfolio of solutions is Tracker Central Management Portal, a tool that enables users to mitigate risk and reduce the number of incidents that occur when working with contractors, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations such as health and safety, environmental, etc.

Any organization that hires contractors can attest to the challenges that can arise, from ensuring compliance with constantly changing regulations, to tracking and verifying worker certifications, to dealing with multiple software platforms and tracking schedules, weather, materials, etc.

The Tracker Central Management Portal is being used by a wide range of customers, from small operations to large enterprises, to ensure that they are always working with fully-certified contractors compliant with all regulations relevant to a specific job. This innovative suite of software products can be used by many industries, from healthcare to retail to manufacturing, and includes contractor management tools for a variety of contractor roles, from janitorial to groundskeepers to security guards. Clients can use the suite’s “Snow Tracker®” software to fully manage the snow removal process, and “Tenant Tracker™” to track the expiries of tenant’s insurance.

The easy-to-use InsurTech enterprise software simplifies and streamlines the contractor management process via one system as opposed to multiple software platforms. If an incident does occur, the system provides a date-and-time-stamped digital record of safety checks, the locations of workers, and more. This record shows that clients are doing their due diligence to prevent incidents and can reduce negative financial outcomes.

In 2017, Crawford Compliance was recognized as the Canadian Insurance Innovator of the Year by Insurance Nexus. The award is given annually to a stand out player for their achievements in insurance analytics.

“Tracker Central Management Solution is disrupting the InsurTech industry by providing a system for contractor management that combines the risk management expertise of an insurance adjusting company with a state-of-the-art software platform,” said Eric Gordon, president of Crawford Compliance. “Our new software as a service suite is already proving to save clients time and money while mitigating risk and assisting in restoring business to their pre-loss state.”

Visit our website for more information on our innovative software solution, or to watch an explainer video about the Tracker Central Management Portal

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