Duliban Insurance Brokers Announces The Launch Of New Jewelry Insurance Program

Fonthill, ON (Jun. 26, 2018) – Duliban Insurance Brokers Ltd. (Duliban Insurance Brokers) announced today the launch of a new Jewelry Insurance program written under the brand name Jewelry Protect and JewelryProtect.ca.  Jewelry Protect is designed to offer a comprehensive stand-alone coverage solution for any item of Jewelry.  All types of jewelry can be covered under this program up to $50,000 in value and a quotation can be completed in seconds and proof of coverage obtained in less then 2 minutes.

Some Key features of the program include all risk replacement coverage, disappearing deductible, worldwide coverage and no effect on homeowners rates in the event of a claim. .

Jewelry Protect is one of multiple digital acquisition strategies released by Duliban Insurance Brokers says Principal Broker Jason Duliban. We believe our opportunities to acquire new clients and relationships are changing from conventional marketing to new and exciting digital strategies. We are proud and excited to launch this new program and we are committed to providing an efficient and enhanced customer experience.”

About Duliban

Duliban Insurance Brokers was founded in 1976 and has grown to become a leading Broker in Southern Ontario for Auto, Home, Commercial & Farm Insurance. Progressive in nature and digitally focused, Duliban Insurance Brokers has recently extended their services across Eastern Canada and are committed to continuing their traditions of innovation and enhancing their customer experiences through use of analytics and data.

SOURCE: Duliban