Humania Assurance Launches HuGO Underwriting Platform

HuGO is the most advanced underwriting platform in Canada

Saint-Hyacinthe, QC (Oct. 26, 2016) – Humania Assurance innovates once again with HuGO, the most advanced underwriting platform available in Canada. With HuGO, the insurance advisor can offer $1M of high quality life term insurance at a competitive price, in 15 minutes.

HuGo innovates by using predictive analytics for assessing life risk and rendering decisions instantaneously at the point of sale on a significant percentage of applications (approximately 65% and up to $1 million of life coverage). Insurance advisors will appreciate the ease and speed: paperless, no signature and no hassle. HuGO is also the first and only to introduce personalized underwriting. Even in the more complex cases, underwriting requirements are determined on the basis of the risk profile of each client and not automatically based on an age and amount chart.

“The insurance offering on its own would have been interesting and competitive,” said Richard Gagnon, President and CEO of Humania. “With HuGO, it is exceptional.”

In addition to its innovative process, HuGO offers a full range of term options that are both of high quality and flexible. As the needs of the insured evolve, the contract can be renewed, exchanged for a longer term or converted to a T100. Humania Assurances also confirms that HuGO life rates will be very competitive. All clients that are accepted without an exclusion or rating, will automatically receive, without any additional requirements, an offer for HuGO Critical Illness Insurance (25 conditions, $25,000) and HuGO Debt Insurance in case of disability.

“Three years ago, Humania Assurance set the standard for its first web platform, Humania Assurance – Insurance Without Medical Exam targeted specifically to a non-insurable market,” said Kim Oliphant, Vice-President Sales & Marketing. “With HuGO, we are aiming to insure all consumers.”

About Humania Assurance Inc.

Humania Assurance Inc. is one of the oldest and soundest insurance companies in Canada. It provides insurance coverage to more than 200,000 individuals and is committed to providing outstanding service to meet the needs of its current and future clients. For more information, visit

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