ICTA Nomination: Gore Takes Small Business Products Online Through Brokers Websites

2016 ICTA Nomination.  

Gore Mutual Insurance Company partnered with eight insurance brokers to launch uBiz, the first fully ecommerce commercial insurance platform in Canada. uBiz “Business insurance just how u want it” enables small business customers to design their own insurance coverage and buy it instantly and securely online. This is an exciting new way of connecting small business owners with the products they need, at a price that makes sense, from an online insurance broker.


  • uBiz launched across Canada (except Quebec) with an ‘unbundled’ product designed for 2.75M self-employed Canadians, providing coverage to 22 industry categories and 122 individual classes of businesses. This tailored product enables the customer to choose the coverage they need and buy it instantly online through an insurance broker.
  • uBiz offers real time quote, purchase, flexible credit card payments and instant secure e-document delivery by linking directly to the insurance company’s policy management system.
  • uBiz customers can obtain a guaranteed quote by answering 7 simple questions about their business.
  • A credit card number will instantly activate their insurance and generate e-documents securely by email.
  • uBiz customers have the comfort and security of dealing directly with an insurance broker should anything go wrong, or if they need to buy other types of insurance.
  • Ecommerce platform is both desktop and mobile-device responsive.
  • Unique referral engine guides customers to a broker website where uBiz imitates their palette including colours, logos, fonts and domain names to create a seamless and simple experience.
  • Complete integration into Gore Mutual’s policy management system Duck Creek, enabling real-time online policies and e-documents.
  • Unique address lookup technology makes it quick and easy for customers to input data accurately.
  • Monthly or annually credit card payment options with one simple click.
  • Completely redesigned and broker branded policy documents, receipts and certificates delivered instantly and securely via email.
  • uBiz customers experience the convenience and speed of an ecommerce experience, with the backing of Gore Mutual, Canada’s longest operating insurance company.

Business Impact

The business case for this initiative was built on both revenue projections, streamlined operations to lower costs and improved customer satisfaction. Gore Mutual is very happy with the initial results however we cannot share those numbers at this time.

Dario Battista, President and CEO of isure, a participating uBiz broker commends Gore’s move to digital: “That’s why we worked with Gore Mutual to develop the simplest online buying experience in Canada, which will integrate seamlessly into our wider online business strategy.”

Technical Details

uBiz utilizes a newly developed user interface that is white-labeled to represent one of eight participating broker websites. Simply put, uBiz assumes the design palette of the broker that initiates the transaction. That user interface communicates with Gore’s policy admin system, Accenture Duck Creek Policy, using a new RESTful API. This API allows Gore to control the configuration of the front-end through the Accenture Duck Creek configuration utilities, eliminating dual maintenance. As transactions are submitted by the small-business owner, the front-end interacts with the policy system to provide quote through issuance transactions.

uBiz runs entirely in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

uBiz recently received the HP (Hewlett Packard) Visionary Award for Most Sophisticated Application for 2015. This award recognizes companies that utilize unique and advanced ways of using HP technology, including advanced architecture, integration with multiple business systems and processes, alignment with enterprise content management strategy and demonstrated ROI, etc.

About Gore Mutual

For almost two centuries Gore Mutual has remained an outstanding pillar in the insurance industry. Our commitment to service excellence has been recognized by insurance broker associations. Gore Mutual is proud to be named the #1 insurance company in British Columbia and Ontario by both the IBABC and IBAO.

Source: Gore Mutual Insurance

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