Crossing the Digital Frontier in Insurance Customer Service

Montreal, QC (June 5, 2015) – “We want relevant information, real-time interactions, quick answers and we want it online, when and where we need it.”

This has quickly become the mantra of the modern day consumer. This request, which inches closer to a demand, is evolving rapidly along with the devices that are increasingly part of their lives. In the digital era, investment in customer-facing technologies is becoming an urgent need for insurance companies seeking to create a positive experience and improve customer engagement. But the insurance industry can be slow to abandon paper-driven, discontinuous processes that require manual intervention, inconvenient handoffs and delays. In order for insurers to differentiate themselves and compete in this shifting landscape, they must invest in a fully automated and integrated digital customer experience that matches how consumers live and interact with other businesses.

The paperless digital process

Modern Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions support a paperless digital process with strong automation capabilities, helping insurers optimize their internal operations related to customer communication activities, while providing a positive customer experience that builds loyalty and trust.

Typically in this process, existing customer data is analyzed, segmented and structured to better identify and understand customer behaviors. Drawing from these behavioral insights, the appropriate personalized, template-driven document – benefit plan, policy, beneficiary change form, and more – is created. Modern CCM platforms have the technologies to generate personalized and finely targeted customer communications; and they also have the capability to instantly trigger the delivery of these documents, based on a particular event or action. Then, Omni Channel mechanisms ensure that each communication is delivered through a customer’s preferred channel, including web (e-mail or social networks), text (SMS/MMS), or self-service portals. Finally, the customer response is measured and analyzed. This fully automated process improves the existing customer data so that even more relevant communications can be delivered to that customer in the future.

The role of e-signature

The role of e-signature is critical in completing the paperless digital process and adds tremendous value in improving customer experience and engagement.

Seamlessly integrated within CCM solutions, e-signature offers a fast and secure way of having customers complete insurance documents. By gathering document level and process level evidence, and embedding the audit trail directly into the document, e-signature solutions provide the strongest legal protection in the event of a dispute. They also enable insurers and brokers to uphold regulatory and compliance requirements through workflow rules, and maintain vendor independence by enabling the application of an organization’s own retention policies and secure storage.

Moreover, with mobility being at the forefront of innovation, e-signature can be done using a tablet or a smartphone in online, remote or face-to-face scenarios. For example, a self-service portal on a website allows customers to complete a document when and where it suits them. Within seconds a quote is received and the transaction can be closed immediately online with e-signature. E-signature can also be done remotely, where the customer receives an email inviting them to sign the document through an entirely electronic process.

Leveraging these modern document capabilities that provide the full end-to-end experience, from document generation down to the seamless integration of e-signature, is crucial in achieving a rich customer experience and increasing retention. Customers will feel it is easy to do business with your company, resulting in a higher chance of loyalty and repeat business.

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About the Authors

David Squibb is Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Xpertdoc. David has extensive experience in insurance core system modernization, working with senior executives to transform their business, drive growth and improve customer retention.

Andrea Masterton is Corporate Marketing Director at e-SignLive™ by Silanis. With 15+ years of experience in the electronic signature market, Andrea oversees industry marketing strategy, market awareness and demand generation within insurance and financial services.

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