SGI CANADA launches Home Systems Protection coverage

Regina, SK (May 13, 2015) – SGI CANADA has a new alternative to purchasing multiple extended warranties – Home Systems Protection coverage added to your home insurance policy.

“Extended warranties for all your appliances, electronics and home systems can really add up. And they have limitations on how long an item is covered for, and what types of break-down and damage is covered. So you can end up footing the bill for a loss that could have been covered had you known your options,” said Don Thompson, VP of Product Management for SGI CANADA. “For as little as $26 annually, Home Systems Protection covers breakdowns on everything from air conditioners to hot tubs.”

Buyer Beware

When buying an expensive home system like a furnace or air conditioner, appliances or electronics, consumers are often confronted with a tough decision: buy the extended warranty or risk footing the bill if it breaks down.

Extended warranty on a single purchase can cost up to $500 annually, and covers one item only, for a limited period of time.

But, what about all the other home systems, equipment and appliances in a person’s home not covered under warranty? And, what about the exclusions and limitations found in many warranty contracts?

There are other options.

What insurance can provide

You can add Home Systems Protection to your SGI CANADA home insurance for about $26-$40 per year, depending on your individual policy.

It covers almost all of the home systems, appliances and electronics in your home – including the expensive equipment in your utility room (furnace, hot water heater, air conditioner, etc.) to your kitchen and laundry appliances, electronics like TVs and audio systems, computer equipment, power tools, lawn and garden equipment, hot tubs and more.

If one of these items breaks down and you submit a claim, the minimum deductible is $1,000 – which is a lot less than the cost to replace expensive systems and appliances that are worth thousands of dollars. In addition, submitting a claim under this coverage has no impact on your insurance rate in the future.

“Warranties can be very expensive and they only provide repairs or maintenance to a specific piece of equipment for a specific period of time,” added Thompson. “Home Systems Protection provides much broader coverage to a wide range of equipment and personal property at a fraction of the cost, and it doesn’t expire.”

See the Home Systems Protection Backgrounder. Talk to your broker and visit SGI CANADA for more information on this coverage.


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