Ajusto customers improving driving behaviours and saving money: Desjardins

Fifty per cent of Ajusto customers agree they’ve become better drivers

Mississauga, ON (June 2, 2014) – Ontario and Quebec drivers who have signed up for the Ajusto usage-based insurance (UBI) savings program from Desjardins General Insurance Group are improving the way they drive and consequently saving money.

In a DGIG survey marking the one-year anniversary since the launch of the Ajusto program, more than two-thirds of respondents agreed with the statement that they pay more attention to acceleration and braking since signing up for the program. In addition, 50 per cent agreed that they’ve become safer drivers since they installed the Ajusto telematics device in their vehicle and began monitoring their own driving habits online. Almost 30 per cent also said that they were now more conscious of how much they drive, and have tried to drive less when possible.

“We are very pleased with the survey results,” said Denis Cote, DGIG’s vice-president of marketing services. “We were confident that our program would promote safer driving, which is good for our customers and society as a whole. We now have the evidence that shows this is in fact happening.”

DGIG launched its Ajusto and Intelauto (for group insurance customers) UBI programs in May 2013 and has enrolled 50,000 mostly new Ontario and Quebec customers in the programs in the first year. These clients are earning on average a 12 per cent discount in their insurance premiums. Under the free and voluntary programs, clients can earn a total premium discount of up to 25 per cent based on distance travelled annually, extent and frequency of hard breaking and aggressive acceleration, and the time of day the vehicle is driven.

An Ajusto user’s story

Mike Mooy of Toronto has been signed up with DGIG’s program for about a year and is currently earning a nine per cent discount, a number he hopes to drive higher. Overall, Mr. Mooy feels he’s becoming a safer driver. “I’ve improved my braking, despite the fact that all of my driving is in the city, but acceleration is still an issue for me. I’d love to say it is because I drive a sporty car in the city, but this is something I can change if I really try. Old habits are hard to break, but the fact that I am trying is a direct result of the telematics device.”

DGIG is Canada’s leading provider of UBI savings programs and was the first insurer to widely offer these programs in Ontario and Quebec. DGIG regularly surveys its Ajusto and Intelauto clients to determine their satisfaction with the programs and to identify potential improvements. This most recent survey of 257 Ajusto and Intelauto clients is consistent with DGIG’s previous surveys and has a margin of error of +5 per cent.

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Source: Desjardins General Insurance Group