Schematron pushes the right buttons

17 May 2006 – Lloyd�s is offering a �plug and play� piece of software to market firms free of charge to check data and support electronic business in the market.

The Schematron initiative, which will be available at the end of the month, will save market firms or their suppliers the cost of writing their own software to validate data, and make it easier for market firms to exchange data electronically.

The system acts as an �information gatekeeper� – unless all the right data is included messages will not get through. This will ensure that the data reaches businesses� systems in the right format.

It will also make it easier for organisations entering into trading relationships with London market firms for the first time to incorporate trading level specifications for validation of Acord messages into their own systems.

Roy Laker, Assistant Vice President of international standards body ACORD, added: �The Lloyd’s Schematron initiative complements perfectly ACORD’s work on standards and will simplify implementation within the London Market considerably.�

The scheme also fits in with third-party trading platforms such as Ri3k and the G6 group, which comprises Hiscox, Amlin, Beazley, Wellington, Kiln and Catlin.

Schematron will be offered free of charge to London market firms and suppliers through a download via the Market Reform website at from the end of the month.

It will initially be used for Document Repository Interface (DRI) for accounting and settlement and the electronic claims file, but it could soon be used for placing and other initiatives.

Chris Rawson, Lloyd�s Chief Information Officer and a director of ACORD, said: �Lloyd�s is providing this to the market in its role as standards setter and facilitator of effective electronic interaction in the market � modernising the way it operates and therefore helping to make it more efficient and competitive.�

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