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DECEMBER 5, 2017

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Intact Launches Commercial Auto Quick Quote Tool
Intact Insurance has launched an online quick quote tool that will provide small businesses with commercial auto insurance quotes in just a few clicks. The tool is currently available in Quebec and will be rolled out across Canada over the next year. Read more.

Key Emerging Tech for P&C Transformation
Strategy Meets Action has released a new research report, Emerging Technologies in P&C Insurance: Insurer Strategies and Plans Through 2020, based on a survey of P&C insurance executives in North America. Read more.

Cooke Insurance Launches Portal, Mobile Apps
Cooke Insurance has launched a responsive client web portal and the brand-new GoCooke mobile app, both powered by ClientDesk, to support clients with enhanced, on-the-go, self-serve capabilities. Read more.

APRIL Canada Launches Professional Liability
APRIL Canada is delighted to announce the launch of our new Professional Liability Insurance product – a specialized offering for your licensed professional clients which goes beyond your standard E&O and CGL. Read more.

Peace Hills, BI&I Launch Cyber Coverage
Peace Hills Insurance is pleased to announce their partnership with The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada to provide two new cyber risk coverages, CyberOne® and Data Compromise. Read more.

Manulife Launches New Treatment Pilots
Manulife has announced five pilot programs designed to find new and innovative ways to deliver treatment to its plan members in group benefits in the areas of mental health and musculoskeletal disorders. Read more.

Addressing Staffing Challenges Critical
Transformational insurance programs are uniquely large in terms of time, effort, and resources. For long-term success, it is important to address staffing challenges. Read more.

CAMIC Endorses CSIO eDelivery Solution
CSIO is pleased to announce that the Canadian Association of Mutual Insurance Companies has endorsed its eDelivery solution to send consumers their personal and commercial policy documents and auto liability cards electronically. Read more.

Police Watching For Impaired Drivers
The holiday season is upon us, and SGI and law enforcement are focusing on impaired drivers for December's Traffic Safety Spotlight. Read more.

Saskatchewan Greenlights Ridesharing Services
New legislation will allow for ridesharing services to operate in Saskatchewan. The Vehicles for Hire Act sets out a framework for “transportation network companies” which provide a vehicle and driver for pre-arranged transportation through a digital platform or app. Read more.

2018 Technology Conference - “Insurance Vectors: Risk, Technology, Engagement” - Feb. 27-28, 2018 - Beanfield Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto

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The Nice Thing About Standards: They Are So Flexible
Differences in home insurance coverages for water damage are causing concern among brokers.
Case in point: three insurers in Nova Scotia have discrete coverages which depended on whether damage stemmed from sewer backup, overland water, or groundwater.
We can't define standards for business usage, but the “Engagement Era” is seeing technology alternatives which could turn the requirements upside-down. Read more.

Optimizing Human-Digital Interaction For InsurTech Success

A Kanetix / Webinar

You planned hard to provide a fully digital insurance experience. Technology, data, algorithms, and user experience tools are lined up. So you are ready to mount a campaign?

The short answer is ‘No.’ You have missed utilizing human behaviour.

On December 7, two experts will share how a behaviour pattern strategy drives superior results.

Register now for an experience which will take you to new levels of success.

Kanetix Ltd.

From Doug

Friday was the deadline for ICTA nominations. One arrived Wednesday, another on Thursday, a bunch came on Friday, and one even squeaked through the door on Sunday. Deadlines are a fact of life.

Marketing is becoming ever more technology-enabled, automated, and personalized. Tools, channels and consumers are growing in numbers and also in sophistication. We can (and do) now measure every performance indicator imaginable.

The challenge in marketing today is finding the optimal balance among effort, cost and potential reward, and then continuing to refine the plan through its execution.

Thursday's webinar by Kanetix Ltd. will take a deeper dive into the puzzle. As was the case with InsurTechTO and its preview webinar, more pieces will be on the agenda at ICTC2018.

Doug Grant, CIP

Doug Grant

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