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JUNE 20, 2017

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Canadian CEOs Embrace Disruption As An Opportunity, Not A Threat
Despite today's economic, geopolitical and technological uncertainty, Canadian CEOs are more optimistic about their company's growth in the next 12 months than their global counterparts. Read more.

Operationalizing Digital Transformation: Study
A new report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, sponsored by XL Catlin, provides insights into the state of digital transformation worldwide, showing what differentiates digital transformation leaders and looking at the new risks these companies face. Read more.

Top Emerging Risks: Swiss Re SONAR Report
Reduced market access, regulatory fragmentation, the return of inflation, cloud risk accumulation, but also emerging liability legislation for artificial intelligence, are some of the key risks identified in this year's SONAR report, published by Swiss Re. Read more.

First Blockchain-Powered Multinational Insurance Policy Delivered By AIG, IBM, Standard Chartered
American International Group Inc., IBM, and Standard Chartered Bank plc have announced they have successfully piloted the first multinational “smart contract”-based insurance policy using blockchain, a distributed ledger technology. Read more.

Blockchain Transaction Pilot Successful
Allianz Risk Transfer AG (ART) and Nephila Capital Limited are pleased to announce that they have successfully piloted the use of blockchain smart contract technology for transacting a natural catastrophe swap. Read more.

IoT Market Worth To Quadruple In Five Years
The Internet of Things (IoT) market size is expected to grow from USD 170.57 Billion in 2017 to USD 561.04 Billion by 2022, according to a new market research report by MarketsandMarkets. Read more.

U.S. Commercial Insurance Prices Flat In Q1
Commercial insurance prices in the U.S. were nearly flat during the first quarter of 2017, according to Willis Towers Watson's most recent Commercial Lines Insurance Pricing Survey. Read more.

Consumer Barriers To Smart Home Technology
Price, ease of use, compatibility and reliability are key barriers for North American consumers when it comes to adopting smart home technology, according to new research by leading UK smart home brand Hive. Read more.

Aviva Pitch Day Is Back
Following the success of Aviva Pitch Day in 2016, Aviva Ventures continues their commitment to invest in high-potential digital startups around the globe. Aviva Canada will be hosting the second Pitch Day event in Toronto on September 19. Read more.

BlackBerry Realizing Safe, Secure Connected Car
BlackBerry Limited is addressing safety and security for next-generation connected and autonomous vehicles with the launch of QNX® Hypervisor 2.0, which enables developers to partition and isolate safety-critical environments from non-safety critical environments, ensuring that no critical systems are put at risk. Read more.

IBAO, Intact Partner To Deliver Information Electronically
IBAO and Intact have created a working group to explore ways for brokers to integrate Intact's new Client Centre with their existing systems such as a BMS or other online gateways. Read more.

EIS Group To Accelerate Solution Delivery
EIS Group is pleased to announce the launch of its CoreVelocity™ delivery approach for delivering sustainable insurance core and digital solutions faster and with less risk. Read more.

ENCON Group Launches Stand-Alone Cyber Coverage
ENCON Group Inc., a leading managing general agent in Canada, has announced the introduction of CyberPro, a stand-alone Cyber Insurance policy which provides coverage for network business interruption, e-commerce trading exposures, crime and intellectual property risks. Read more.

SPLICE Software Releases Data-Driven Voice Apps
SPLICE Software has announced the release of new data-driven voice applications for Alexa Skills-enabled devices, like Echo and Echo Dot, which allow insurance and finance companies to engage in automated communication with customers in their homes. The company is developing applications for Google Home that will be released soon. Read more.

XL Catlin Launches Contractors Pollution Liability
XL Catlin has launched a new Contractors Pollution Liability Express Program in the US and Canada to provide customers with speed to market and a streamlined environmental insurance underwriting approach for small to midsize construction firms. Read more.

Empire Life Launches New Expatriate Benefit
Empire Life is pleased to announce that it is introducing a new expat benefit for customers with employees on short-term assignment outside of Canada, along with the launch of a new expat solution in Quebec. Read more.

Xpera Launches Improved Technology Platform
Xpera, Canada's leading provider of Risk Mitigation and Investigation, is pleased to announce the launch of its new iConnect platform, emphasizing the organization's commitment to client satisfaction and industry-leading technology. Read more.

Electronic Communication With The Ontario Consumer: IBAO Position Paper
The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario has released a position paper outlining how insurance industry stakeholders can work with the broker channel to ensure their consumer value proposition is upheld. Read more.

RMS Releases Updated Earthquake Models
RMS, a global risk modeling and analytics firm, has announced the release of version 17.0 of its RMS North America Earthquake Models to enable RMS clients to manage their risk accumulations with more confidence and underwrite a better book of business. Read more.

The Guarantee Celebrates 145 Years
As The Guarantee Company of North America celebrates 145 years of our Canadian history, we reflect on the generations' worth of experience that has established our company as a leader offering specialty insurance products. Read more.

The Intersection: Blog

What's going through the Intersection
of insurance and technology?

Home Insurance: Engagement Rising Through Collaboration
When I started working in the insurance industry, a very wise (if somewhat cynical) colleague gave me his analysis of the product: “Insurance is dead simple, but trained professionals have spent 300 years making it impossible to understand.”

This could be a theme which explains – and which caused – a current disruption trend. Read more.

“Winning With Convergence”
SMA Summit  •  September 18  •  Boston

The SMA Summit is an essential conference for insurers wanting to understand the magnitude of convergence and its impact on the insurance industry. Whether your focus is on business or technology ... or both ... this is a critical one-day investment in your future. Move beyond the “what” of digital, innovation, and InsurTech to learn “how” and “when” and “why” it will impact your company, and what you can do about it. See the agenda and register today!

SMA Summit - September 18, 2017

ICEF2017, 'Insurance: Connected' - Executive Forum - Tuesday, August 29, 2017, at the Toronto Sheraton Centre

From Doug

Yesterday – June 19 – was Loyalist Day in Ontario and Saskatchewan. In 1763, seeds of discontent began to germinate in British America; they grew into a full-blown revolution in 1775.

The Loyalists were those who weren't keen on a republic, preferring the constitutional monarchy. Fleeing violence and persecution, many came to what is now Canada.

This first major wave of refugees was cosmopolitan – including First Nations, Africans and African descendants, and a wide variety of Europeans. They helped to shape the Canada of today.

Parallels with the ongoing InsurTech (r)evolution?

Then, the public wanted change. Today, consumers are demanding digital.

Then, leaders involved on either side were from all walks of life. Today, disruptors are emerging from many sources.

Then, opportunists on either side took advantage. Today, whether vendor, insurer, broker or outsider, innovators are challenging the status quo.

As before, there will be winners and losers. But let's pass on the hot tar and feathers.

Doug Grant, CIP

Doug Grant

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