Expatriate Travel Insurance for Business and Individuals

Protect yourself with insurance when working abroad.

Fact: More than 1 million people who were born in Canada now live elsewhere. Many of those are working temporarily or on assignment from their employers.

Many people travel to international destinations for their employers, on their own as independent businesspeople, or alone for personal purposes. Such travelers have a set of insurance needs distinct from those of a tourist.

Typically, your government or regular health insurance plan will not cover you when you travel to another country. Expatriate health insurance plans cover those who are awaiting insurance coverage in the country in which they intend to reside. These health insurance plans are designed to insure necessary health care and, in some cases, return trips for health emergency reasons to your original country of residence.

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Expatriate travel insurance

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As companies strive to compete effectively in the global marketplace, employees need to be able to move and adapt quickly to new working environments. We understand the complexities of worldwide healthcare delivery. Our dedicated service representatives can help you anywhere in the world. We currently serve more than 700 international client companies and cover over 200,000 expatriates, their families and business travelers.

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