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On People, Platforms, and Predictable Disruption

A recent report from Accenture provides an interesting synopsis of trends in the insurance and technology world, including some extremely important insights on the role that intelligence (real, not artificial) will have to play in order for insurers to stay viable and actively manage what Accenture calls “predictable disruption.” This Year’s Vision is “Predictable” This… Read more »

Wearables @ Work – You Just Watch

The introduction of the Apple Watch is moving wearable technology  out of running shoes and into business brogues. Wearables have thus far been seen mainly as consumer focused; however, there is increased interest in business generally, and for insurance organizations specifically. Wearables started on a one-way path … Wearable technology  has been envisioned by SciFi writers… Read more »

Cloud, Agility, Innovation: Is This the New Holy Triangle?

IT professionals are familiar with the sacred triangle of projects: Scope, Resources, Time. The idea is that, as in a right triangle, the scope of a project will drive the requirements for resources assigned and the time allocated for the activities. It seems that there is another triangle forming in the sky, suggesting that the… Read more »

2014 in the Headlights

It’s time for our annual attempt to read tea leaves for the coming year. We’ve picked a few of the major developing areas. We also see a larger trend which may begin to manifest itself in 2014. We’d like your thoughts on our prognostications and we welcome your forward-looking thoughts.  Have a read and let… Read more »

2013: Analytics, a Soupçon of Engagement, and Disruption

Back in the early hours of 2013, we took our crystal ball out and came up with some trends we saw forming on the insurance-technology horizon.  Here’s a synopsis of what we thought then and what we know now. Megatrend: Purposive Analytics We saw the strategic and operational use of analytics as an overarching trend… Read more » and Insurance: Putting a Many-Headed Hydra into the Game

After attending Dreamforce — the annual in-person event — and listening to several presentations from insurance users, we believe that the use of products and services has the potential to be as powerful as the business strategy it supports. If you are using or evaluating, we are interested in your impressions. A… Read more »

Forget Forests, Give Up On Gas, Dump Diamonds: Here’s The Real Natural Resource

If there’s one consistent message coming from this week’s ACORD/LOMA Insurance Systems Forum, it might be this:  “Put your head in the cloud, and dig deep for data.” Keynote speaker, Vivek Kundra, former CIO of the US Government and soon to be EVP Developing Markets,, discussed the challenges he faced and the opportunities he… Read more »

Are Your Employees Bringing Their Own Networks to Work?

It seems that Bring Your Own Technology may not be restricted to iPads and Android Phones alone.  There is increasing evidence that employees are bringing their own social networks in for both external and internal collaboration. Debra Donston-Miller writing in InformationWeek, summarizes the current state: “Like wireless networks and smartphones before them, social networks are… Read more »

Standardize or Customize? SaaS May Influence the Decision.

There is a long standing debate in technology implementation. Should we shape the technology to fit the user or force the user to fit the technology?  The movement towards Software as a Service (SaaS) may force the decision. We all like freedom to do what we want with technology. This is what a lot of… Read more »