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Is Data Forcing Modern Systems to Stay in Second Gear?

There has been significant emphasis in the past few years on rapid execution of implementation plans for large systems. Agile methodologies and modern technologies allow significantly shorter timelines from the decision stage to lights-on.  However, the delivery of strategic goals may not follow as quickly, as we cope with our increased need for more, and… Read more »

Where Does Old Data Fit in the Modern Insurance World?

Among the many reasons cited for converting from legacy to modern administration systems, improving access to historical data tends to appear low on the list if it is mentioned at all.  Some argue that this is as it should be.  Others suggest that ignoring existing data could put legacy conversion projects at risk, and recommend… Read more »

Beyond Technology Modernization: Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

We have all heard about the need for insurers to ‘modernize’ their core technologies in order to survive and thrive. But how long does a system stay ‘modern?’ And is modernization enough? Several experts suggest that modernization should not be a goal, but rather a process that requires other complementary investments to occur to achieve… Read more »

Tales From Agent Social Media: The More I See You, The More I Want You

A recent report and an interesting case study are underscoring how resilient the independent P&C distribution system is, and how social media can support it.  Our question to you:  Is the use of social media a key element for survival of independents?  And if so how is it benefiting you? Positive Trends for US Independents… Read more »

Telematics: How To Get Around It, How To Transform With It

If there is any doubt that Telematics is becoming a disruptive technology in insurance, one only has to look at what is happening at its edges.  Some folks are planning ways to work around it, while other folks are discovering it takes them into new enterprises.  Question:  What do you think it will it do… Read more »

Several Dimensions of Theory Vs. Reality For BYOD

It seems like a straightforward question:  Should employees be allowed or encouraged to use their own electronic devices at and for work?  Informal conversations with our peers suggest it is not so easy to come up with a simple answer and, as a result, there doesn’t seem to be a consensus among Canadian insurers and… Read more »

How Do You Take Your Coffee? Socially, With a Little Insurance and Technology

It seems that State Farm is continuing the long linkage between coffee, new ideas, insurance and marketing.  What do you think:  Is State Farm on the right track?  And, is hot java integral to social marketing? A little over a year ago, State Farm opened Next Door, a place for Gen Y-ers to hang out,… Read more »

Implementing Mobile – User Assumptions and Security Realities

An increasing amount of data suggests that consumers and employees are assuming that mobile technologies – smartphones and tablets – will become integrated in insurer offerings  and accepted as normal business tools.   And a number of insurers hare moving from pilot projects to production applications.  One outstanding question is: are security methods and procedures keeping… Read more »

Success On-Line is ‘Blurry’ for Channels

Insurance has always had challenges with channel strategies.   Historically,  while there was some crossover, the majority of North American insurers did business either directly with customers or through independent agents/brokers.   However, the on-line world seems to be challenging the distinction to the core. Looking at the broader world, several reports cited in eMarketer note… Read more »

Modern Technology: Underpinning Insurance Growth, Profitability; Focus of ICTC 2012

Evidence continues to mount that eliminating constraints imposed by legacy systems is less an operational requirement than a strategic necessity for insurance carriers.  This is evidenced by the fact that many of the sessions at the 2012 Insurance-Canada Technology Conference (ICTC) will focus on growth and profitability opportunities only available with modern core technologies. Writing… Read more »