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The 4th Generation of the Previously Unthinkable

Back in the early 1980s, a very wise senior IT manager introduced a group of insurance professionals to the concept of the ‘previously unthinkable’ in regards to technology implementation.  I am not sure how many people caught on to it, but it has served me well.  And, I think, it informs the rise of InsurTech. Prelude to the ‘Previously Unthinkable’ In… Read more »

Who Can Do InsurTech? Who Should?

The term “InsurTech”  is a bit ambiguous, describing a wide scope of activities.  Depending on the source, InsurTech  may cause disruption of current insurance practices, the rise of new insurance products, the evisceration  of entire insurance C-Suites, the ascension of new entrepreneurs to Unicorn status.  This is not particularly helpful. I prefer to use a… Read more »

Is UBI Trapped in a Cul-de-sac?

After a tire-burning leap out of the starting gate, the smoke is clearing around UBI in Canada and it’s looking like it might have been steered into a dead-end. Is it stuck, or will it one day find the open road? Let me know what you think. Assume a killer app … At an automotive… Read more »

Is Digital Changing Insurance Fundamentals?

We’ve spilled a fair amount of virtual ink on the use of digital technologies to market, sell, and service insurance.  That’s pretty straightforward.  More difficult is assessing the impact of digital technology on the core processes of insurance: underwriting, pricing, risk management, and claims. If we are seeing digital being leveraged in these areas, there… Read more »

A New Era of Technology: Part 2 – Analytics

In my last post, I focused on the transformative power of the current generation of Mobile Technology. I will turn to the core of current technologies, and an example from the insurance industry. Big Data, along with his trusty companion, Analytics are what drives organizations to make decisions because…the numbers don’t lie. Gone are the… Read more »


Telematics/Usage-Based Insurance: Where Do Canadian Brokers Fit?

Since Desjardins’ May 13th launch  of Ajusto – a Telematics enabled Usage Based Insurance (UBI) product – there have been active discussions about how independent brokers in Canada could fit in as distributors of this type of product.  We think that brokers have a unique opportunity to define the future for themselves and their customers… Read more »

The New Reality of the Insurance Marketing Function

As a longtime insurance expert, I’ve noticed interesting changes taking place in the industry. While insurance carriers continue spend a large portion of their technology budget on underwriting, policy administration and claims, the marketing function is emerging in importance. The Rise of the CMO We’ve seen dramatic changes taking place on the Life insurance side…. Read more »

New Telematics/UBI Research Highlights Opportunities, Challenges for Insurers, Brokers

New research from Strategy Meets Action (SMA) highlights opportunities and challenges for insurers and intermediaries as they consider how to align telematics and usage-based insurance (UBI) with their strategies.  SMA is clear on one point:  telematics technology and UBI are disruptive forces which will impact the personal automobile insurance market over the next decade. SMA… Read more »

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What Did We Learn Today, Dorothy? Aviva Restarts Telematics Program

The most serious mistake a company can make is to fail to learn from its past mistakes. Aviva is demonstrating that it takes that old adage to heart. The insurer has reentered the telematics based insurance market in the UK, with some very interesting elements, showing that Aviva spent some time learning from its own… Read more »

Telematics Buzz: Just More Noise, or a Chainsaw on the Horizon?

Either the telematics buzz machine has been set to hyper-whine, or there is a strong undercurrent suggesting a usage-based insurance breakthrough into the mainstream of underwriting in North America.  We’ve seen a large wave of articles crossing our desk (primarily from the US).   In addition to the US buzz, we’re finding more serious conversion among… Read more »