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Toronto Insurance Conference adds Travelers Canada to real-time insurer/broker system integration proof of concept partnership

Toronto, ON (Feb. 12, 2018) – The Toronto Insurance Conference (TIC) is proud to announce that Travelers Canada has joined the partnership to demonstrate real-time integration directly between Insurer and broker platforms using the Data Exchange Model (D/X). “Travelers Canada is committed to supporting brokers in their efforts to enhance efficiencies and deliver superior customer… Read more »

Keal and ClientDesk partner to expand integration and connectivity

Toronto, ON. (Sept. 19, 2017) – Keal and ClientDesk announced today that they have entered into a collaborative partnership and formulated a roadmap to introduce significant integration and cross-platform connectivity for the benefit of existing and prospective Keal users. “Keal is firmly committed to giving their users a broad choice of the leading technologies necessary… Read more »

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Keal Delivers Rating to Canadian Brokers

Montréal, QC (June 18, 2017) – Keal Technology, a leader in the modern insurance technology, is pleased to announce Keal Rating is now live in 3 provinces. Keal Rating allows brokers to truly start and end directly in the broker management system (BMS), eliminating dual entry. Using information directly keyed into the BMS, the rating… Read more »

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Keal Enhances Digital Consumer Access

TORONTO, MONTREAL – July 11, 2017 – Keal Technology, a leader in modern insurance technology, has unveiled an enhanced release of the Keal Consumer Access Point (CAP), furthering their commitment to deliver tools that enable insurance consumers to connect with their brokers at the time, place and method of their choosing. “Our ICTA Award-Winning Consumer… Read more »

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Broker Connectivity Getting Active: Will Results Follow This Time?

There’s an old insurance sales motivator axiom that says, “You can’t control results, but you can control activity, and activity produces results.” There has been some real activity in Broker Connectivity of late — including a continuing industry effort and a large acquisition by a major player. Our question to you: Will this increase in… Read more »

Innovation, Impact & ICTA – Part Two: Creative Connectivity

Emboldened by our success (or perhaps the lack of outright derision) from  a recent post,  where we tried to look inside the minds of the  Insurance-Canada Technology Awards jurists as they determined finalists for the 2012 Awards, we are taking another shot.  This time, our crystal ball sees trails of creativity leading to broker connectivity…. Read more »

Innovation, Impact & ICTA – Part One: An Inside Job

Since the announcement of the finalists for the Insurance-Canada Technology Awards (ICTAs), we have had a number of questions along the lines of:  “What makes these nine organizations different from the forty-one other, highly qualified candidates that were nominated?” There’s a short answer and a long answer. In this post, we’ll give the short answer… Read more »

Modern Technology: Underpinning Insurance Growth, Profitability; Focus of ICTC 2012

Evidence continues to mount that eliminating constraints imposed by legacy systems is less an operational requirement than a strategic necessity for insurance carriers.  This is evidenced by the fact that many of the sessions at the 2012 Insurance-Canada Technology Conference (ICTC) will focus on growth and profitability opportunities only available with modern core technologies. Writing… Read more »

Tablets are coming. Oh, Wait … they’re here

No matter what measure is used, it is clear that tablets are capturing the imagination of business professionals, including insurance professionals, in ways previously unthinkable. Although tablets are best known as consumer devices, most analysts concur that tablets are moving rapidly into business, especially for mobile professionals.  InfoTech Research, in a recent blog post, says: … Read more »