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Intact lnsurance launches Canada’s first commercial auto quick quote tool

Toronto, ON (Dec. 1, 2017) – Intact Insurance has launched an online quick quote tool that will provide small businesses with commercial auto insurance quotes in just a few clicks. The online tool is currently available in Quebec and will be rolled out across Canada over the next year. Backed by an extensive network of… Read more »

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Intact completes acquisition of U.S. specialty insurer OneBeacon

Highlights: Acquisition creates a leading specialty insurer in North America with over C$2 billion (US$1.6B) in annual premiums Objective to grow the new specialty lines businesses in the U.S. and operate at a combined ratio in the low 90s within 24-36 months Creates additional opportunities for growth in the Canadian marketplace and diversifies Intact’s business… Read more »

Standard Will Help Make New Communities Flood-Resilient

Flood resilience best practices published in new report by University of Waterloo and the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation Waterloo, ON (Sept. 26, 2017) – Every year, flooding hits communities across Canada causing millions of dollars in property damage and stress to homeowners. New research from the University of Waterloo, funded by the Standards Council… Read more »

Digital and Analogue: Tails and Heads on a Single Coin

Back in the dying days of 2015, I posted on insurance organizations that were in the process of disrupting themselves.  So where did we end up?  Let’s take a look at the journey and see where we stand and where we are going. Are we behind the times? Insurance organizations have been tagged as laggards… Read more »

Moving Beyond the ‘Trust’ Factor: Challenging the Traditional Marketing Approach

In the insurance industry, one marketing priority has always stood out: building trust. Trust is what allows consumers to feel good about choosing a certain brokerage or brand over another. It’s how positive word of mouth spreads and how awareness is established. But is trust enough to capture the loyalty of an increasingly informed audience?… Read more »

Customer Experience as an Ecosystem: New Opportunities, Old Bugbears

Customer experience (CX) is becoming critical as insurers and brokers look for ways to maintain and grow relationships. One aspect that is less understood is the relationship the client has with other providers. Getting a larger perspective on the ecosystem offers a broader landscape with which to work but can be challenging to operationalize. The… Read more »

Insuring the Digital Economy (Part 1): New Modes, New Methods

Insurers are realizing that the new digital economy is a prospect for growth (beyond cyber insurance). But insurers are also finding that they have to take different approaches to be successful in this world — and it involves making the insurance meet new demands. We’ll look at two examples. In this post (part 1 of… Read more »

The Organizer’s Perk: Being a Fly on the ICTC2016 Wall

Organizing a conference is a lot of work, but it has its perks.   One big one is sitting in on meetings with really smart people talking about present and future challenges and opportunities.  Let me share examples from panels at the 2016 Technology Conference. Hit the Road Our friend, Catherine Kargas, from MARCON, has… Read more »

2016 – Digital, Analytics, and Mother Earth will not be Ignored

There’s a lot going on, and when the present is so busy it’s hard to look long-term. That said, I believe there are three trends we will not be able to ignore in 2016:  Digital, Analytics, and Mother Earth. I want to share my thoughts with you in print now, and in person later. Digital… Read more »

What role will insurance play in the Sharing Economy Theatre?

The “sharing economy” (code for disruptive services such as Airbnb and Uber) is catching on with high consumer acceptance.  Governments are setting a stage which will allow consumers easy access to these new services.  Insurance will play a key role as well.  Our question is:  Will we be wearing a white hat or black hat?… Read more »