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Are InsurTechs Defining the Next Generation of Enterprise Systems?

Since the mid-1970s, there has been a core group of suppliers who provide enterprise systems specifically designed for P&C insurers. The group changes periodically, with mergers, acquisitions, and new technology. However, the basic functions haven’t changed much. InsurTech may be the catalyst for disruption. Back in the day …. Insurers were one of the first… Read more »

Emerging Tech in Canadian Insurance: Watch This Space

Emerging technologies seem to be taking the world by storm. The Internet of Things, drones, autonomous vehicles, wearables, and a range of other new technologies are in the news and poised to transform various industries as well as our daily lives. Canadian insurers are investigating opportunities and developing strategies for new technologies, with an eye… Read more »

Can we Crack the Insurance Shopper’s Genome With Half the DNA Sequence?

Experts suggest that the consumer digital journey is similar in complexity to genome sequencing.  If that’s true,  why do segments of the insurance community feel that they can get all of the information they require with only half of the data that’s available? We’d like your thoughts on this. Earlier this month, two McKinsey & Company experts… Read more »

What is Digital Marketing? Exactly What YOU Make It To Be

A wise marketer once told me, “As brevity is the soul of wit, in our world, simplicity is the heart of marketing.”  I sense that we may be introducing unnecessary complexity, and creating barriers to entry, as we move from physical to digital channels.  I’d appreciate your thoughts here. First, What is ‘Digital Marketing’? A great… Read more »

Telematics Uptick – Where Will Insurers Take Usage Based Insurance?

The recent  Insurance Telematics USA 2012 Conference demonstrated that it is possible to measure,and possibly predict,  virtually everything about the use of a vehicle and the behaviour of a driver, and there is lots of activity.  An open question:  where will the scheme take hold first. No Shortage of Enthusiasm One thing is certain:  There… Read more »

IBM’s Watson Puts P&C CEOs In ‘Jeopardy’

A good friend of Insurance-Canada.Ca recently took IBM’s Watson Technology to Munich Re’s annual CEO roundtable.  Could this be the entree point for more sophisticated use of analytics by P&C insurers through natural language queries? IBM’s Watson is popularly known for its success in defeating two human champions in the quiz show Jeopardy  in January… Read more »

Implementing Mobile – User Assumptions and Security Realities

An increasing amount of data suggests that consumers and employees are assuming that mobile technologies – smartphones and tablets – will become integrated in insurer offerings  and accepted as normal business tools.   And a number of insurers hare moving from pilot projects to production applications.  One outstanding question is: are security methods and procedures keeping… Read more »

Portals or Real Time: What Do Brokers/Agents Prefer?

What do brokers/agents prefer when it comes to electronic linkage with carriers?  Two recent reports give what appeared to be diametrically opposing view points based on survey data, and raised the volume of the debate.  We’d like to know what you think. ACT, the technology arm of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America… Read more »

Rapid Adoption and Evolution Continue as Hallmarks of Mobile in Insurance

Implementers are advising that mobile technology continues demonstrate two characteristics:  First, its use is growing rapidly among business users, and second,  the raw technology and the applications continue to evolve with equal speed.  The message to insurance IT professionals:  Stay flexible and nimble. An informal survey of conference attendees,  conducted by FirstBest Systems, Inc., and… Read more »

Doing Social Business Right: Being Effective and Compliant

Recently LIMRA hosted a webinar which contained some valuable tips on how to be both effective and compliant while using social media for business.  At the heart of the presentation were two key points:  First, whether you know it or not, you ARE on social networks, so there’s nothing to be gained by waiting.  Second,… Read more »