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Wearables @ Work – You Just Watch

The introduction of the Apple Watch is moving wearable technology  out of running shoes and into business brogues. Wearables have thus far been seen mainly as consumer focused; however, there is increased interest in business generally, and for insurance organizations specifically. Wearables started on a one-way path … Wearable technology  has been envisioned by SciFi writers… Read more »

Wise Words of Wisdom

There’s a phrase I like to use to describe an overused statement that sounds better than the content it contains. I call such statements “wise words of wisdom.” I ran across something making the rounds in the social sphere which might qualify, though it sounds like profound advice for what to do next in these… Read more »

Does the Big Data Future Start with One Step Back?

The old saying, “Data Rich, Information Poor,” seems more applicable today than when it was first coined. Paradoxically, at the same time as we are facing data avalanche, the most important tool to exploit 21st-century data might be one that has been around for more than three decades.  However, this “one step backward” approach may… Read more »

Personalized Marketing: What Do We Know and When Do We Know It?

Reading between the lines of some recent reports, I am starting to think that the more we learn about personalized marketing, the less we know about how to implement it.  Fortunately, there is an opportunity to pose questions to leading experts next week.  I hope you can join me to ask your own questions and… Read more »

CRM: Old Technology At The Eye of the Perfect New Technology Storm

Some of you have commented that we’ve been harping on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for sometime now, without a whole lot of solid reasoning. Fair comment. What we’d like to do on this almost perfect summer’s afternoon is to take a weather reporter’s view of CRM. We’ll look to the past for evidence of incorrect… Read more »

Will Insurers Help Consumers Get Ready for the Internet of Things?

We’re starting to hear real buzz around insurance and the Internet of Things (IoT). On the personal lines side, the only fly in the premium ointment might be the consumer, who may not be ready – or willing. However, insurers could have impact here by showing leadership (and perhaps improving results while grabbing a bit… Read more »

What Happens When Consumers Know More Than We Do?

A colleague of ours was recently bemoaning the lack of interest that insurers and brokers are taking in new developments such as social and usage-based insurance.  Our friend suggested that without a working knowledge of operational tools, such as social media, and technologies such as  telematics, we’re falling behind our customers and won’t be able… Read more »

Real-Time: Can Marketers Drive A New Business Model for Insurance?

Real-Time is more than a slogan for inter-connectivity between insurers and brokers. It has become a marketing imperative which insurers as well as brokers need to include in their business and technology plans. The 2014 Technology Conference will be the place to be to understand these developments and the roles that need to be… Read more »

Advantage Brokers: Content Rules in Social

Common wisdom has it that insurance brokers and agents  have lagged behind other sectors in the use of social media for marketing.  However, by employing a different approach – content marketing – insurance distributors may havew an opportunity to leapfrog into a leading position with personal and commercial lines customers. Why Do We Think Insurance… Read more »

Is Gen Y Dead? Marketing in a Post-Generational World

Is Gen Y nothing more than a product of a not-so-imaginative imagination?  Some social media experts are suggesting just that.  In the new marketing world, traditional ‘generational’ segmentation is losing its value relative to other factors.  And marketing strategies are morphing as well. We’d like to know:  Do you feel ready to market in a… Read more »