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ORBiT 2015: Digital Lively, but CRM May Still Be Dead

At ORBiT Real Time Day this week, the majority of discussions were vibrant – focusing on effective use of new technology and building better digital connections in the broker world – until one attendee turned to the funereal topic of CRM.  Then things got really lively. I’d like your thoughts. What’s an ORBiT, Mom? And… Read more »

Should Brokers be Queuing for the Analytics Bandwagon? Where is it Going?

We have seen an exponential growth in the interest in, and use of, analytics for a variety of insurance applications.  There are a number of case studies which show evidence of the efficacy of descriptive and predictive analytics for marketing, underwriting, claims, and strategic management (selecting the ‘Analytics’ category to the right will produce some… Read more »

Independents, Data, Analytics, and the Future

What do you get when you mix the principal of an independent agency in Michigan with the principal of an independent brokerage in Ontario, and add a few questions on data, analytics, and the future of independent distribution in North America?  Answer:  A fascinating 90 minutes reaffirming the resilience of the independent system. We’d like… Read more »