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Are Three Legs Enough to Keep the SEMCI Stool Stable?

We recently posted on the current state of Single Entry, Multiple Company Interface (SEMCI) between independent distributors and insurance carriers.  In spite of consensus on objectives and  serious time, energy, and money spent over almost five decades, we are nowhere near a critical mass which would allow realization of the benefits promised. In this post,… Read more »

Broker Connectivity: Can This Circle Be Unbroken?

A recent post on the popular Canadian Insurance Strategy Group’s LinkedIn site generated numerous comments that provided a recap of the past plans, present status, and future desires for broker connectivity.  The result reminded us of the old quip:  “When all is said and done, there is much more said than done.” We would like… Read more »

Is The Media the Message for Successful Brokers?

What differentiates a  broker/agent who successfully uses social media for marketing from one who does not?  Is it the right media — or something else? We’d like to compare a few examples and then make a suggestion.  We’d like your thoughts. What Does Success Look Like? In our view,  success in the use of social… Read more »

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Brokers/Agents Increase Social Usage, But Don’t Measure Results

It seems that Independent Insurance  Brokers and Agents have increased their usage of non-traditional methods (largely social media)  in marketing efforts, but the vast majority have not taken the next step to measure the results. About the Survey …. For the second year in a row, Connecticut based B.H. Burke & Co. conducted a survey… Read more »

Broker Connectivity Turns 45! The Summer-of-Love Children Still Strive.

In the summer of 1967, hippies made the Haight district in San Francisco ground zero for the development of revolutionary ideas and behaviour.  About 45 minutes down route 101, at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), a group of researchers, were developing other cutting edge ideas for actions to preserve the independent agent and broker system. … Read more »

Forget Forests, Give Up On Gas, Dump Diamonds: Here’s The Real Natural Resource

If there’s one consistent message coming from this week’s ACORD/LOMA Insurance Systems Forum, it might be this:  “Put your head in the cloud, and dig deep for data.” Keynote speaker, Vivek Kundra, former CIO of the US Government and soon to be EVP Developing Markets,, discussed the challenges he faced and the opportunities he… Read more »

Free Trade in Broker Connectivity: ACT in Action; ORBiT Increasing Altitude

Independent insurance agents in the US have issued a report on progress towards achieving goals in broker connectivity.  At the same time, Canadian brokers are consolidating around actions to promote their interests in connectivity.  Are these groups aligned to benefit both groups and exert maximum leverage going forward? The ACT committee of the Independent Insurance… Read more »

Changes Create Opportunities for Brokers/Agents: Report

A new report suggests that independent insurance agents and brokers are well positioned to survive and thrive in the future – if they embrace customer service using digital tools, and utilize new approaches to proactive agency management. The report entitled “Agency Opportunities in a Time of Profound Change” (available on the ACT website) is written… Read more »

Portals or Real Time: What Do Brokers/Agents Prefer?

What do brokers/agents prefer when it comes to electronic linkage with carriers?  Two recent reports give what appeared to be diametrically opposing view points based on survey data, and raised the volume of the debate.  We’d like to know what you think. ACT, the technology arm of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America… Read more »

US Independent Agent Strategies Strive to Retake Personal LInes Business

There has been an erosion in personal line market share market share by independent agents and brokers in the US and Canada.  We commented recently on recommendations that the Independent Insurance Brokers of Ontario (IBAO) provided on the use of technology to reverse the trend.  The Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA) has… Read more »