Travel Health Insurance for High-Risk Sports

Whether amatuers or professionals (coaches, teachers, etc.) those participating in high risk sports enjoy the extra thrill of their chosen sport.

With the higher risk, there is a significantly greater chance of being injured when practicing, training or participating in the event. For example, there is a significantly greater chance of being injured while running with the bulls or wingsuit jumping or flying than there is with lawn bowling, as an example.

Although there is a possibility of injury requiring medical attention in all sports, the likelihood is much greater in wind suit flying than lawn bowling, thus the risk of being injured and requiring treatment is higher. Hence this insurance is more difficult to find, and more expensive.

Given that not so many people take part in these sports, the insurance is different, often with various restrictions, terms, conditions. As a result, discussing with a knowledgeable advisor to make sure you are covered properly is a wise investment.

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Travel health insurance for high-risk sports participants:
- Canadians when travelling outside Canada
- Others when visiting Canada

Contact: Bill Bailey at [email protected] or call 1-888-522-4999 toll-free.

For high risk sport participants, both professional and amateur, we've got you covered! We cover most high-risk sports including contact sports, base jumping and many more.

(We also offer insurance for all sports, individuals and teams, including athletes on USA scholarships, athletes' travel health, and team travel health.)

Just newly available in Canada, motorized sports too – motocross (until now very hard to find), road rallies, motorized speed contests and more.

New! We offer three categories of sports coverage for Canadian travellers. They are contact sports, adventure sports and extreme sports. Within each category there are named sports, so you can rest assured that you will be covered while participating in risky events outside of Canada.

If you are a visitor to Canada, there is a similar policy available to you.

Insurance is available for a single trip, or on an anual plan.

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