Applying A.I. to Transform the Processing of Medical Claims Records

Wisedocs allows your Claims department to automate the medical record review process and ensure accurate, timely, and organized records.

By applying artificial intelligence, machine learning and optical character recognition, its platform is trained to organize and understand unstructured medical data – clinician notes, medical briefs and records, assessment reports, discharge summaries, etc. – for insurance and the IME, diagnostics, and medico-legal industries.

The platform features include:

  • Medical chronologies;
  • Workflows;
  • De-duplication;
  • Medical insights.

Speakers Connor Atchison and Jenna Earnshaw will share:

  • A brief history of Wisedocs;
  • Why the current process is inefficient;
  • How Wisedocs ingests medical documents;
  • How the digital process saves time and enables better results.

Watch the webinar recording or scroll down to learn more about the speakers.


Sept. 28, 2022

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Technology In Action

Featured Speakers:

Connor Atchison
Connor Atchison
Founder & CEO,

Connor Atchison is the Founder and CEO of Wisedocs, the smart way to review medical records. Connor is an experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in health services, information technology, and management consulting. He aims to digitize a formerly manual industry through the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning to support tedious processes. As a former veteran with 12 years of military service under the Department of National Defence, he strives to change the process for filing health insurance and disability claims for insurance, legal, medical evaluators, and their claimants.


Jenna Earnshaw
Jenna Earnshaw
Head of Revenue,

Jenna Earnshaw is the Head of Revenue at Wisedocs, the artificial intelligence platform that enables insurance, legal, and independent medical evaluation firms to review medical records with ease. Jenna spent several years growing GTM in the early stages of PartnerStack before joining other high growth startups in 2021. She is currently leading the revenue team at Wisedocs, scaling growth and customer reach. In her spare time, she is an Angel Investor and Advisor to startups.


Doug Grant
Doug Grant

Doug Grant has been helping the insurance industry in Canada – individual companies and cross-industry groups in both P&C and Life – make effective use of technology for many years.

Doug is a founding partner of, a leading Canadian Insurance resource centre for consumers and insurance professionals alike. He helps organize and host's annual conference and other industry events.

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About Wisedocs

Wisedocs is building a future where working with medical records efficiently is the standard, not an anomaly. Our mission is to erase the headache of manual work to create a more positive experience for insurance companies, legal firms, healthcare providers, independent medical evaluation firms, and their claimants.

To learn more about how Wisedocs can support your organization in reviewing and processing medical records, visit To get in touch with our sales team to upload a document today, visit .

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