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InsurTechs have been instrumental in sparking and speeding both innovation and digital transformation in the insurance industry.

Talem is an AI-enabled injury analysis platform that helps auto insurers accelerate claim lifecycles and enhance customer experience with early and accurate injury insights. Be an insurer's informed partner to identify possible injuries, treatment plan and recovery time.

Sentro is an encompassing fresh look at group insurance and benefits. Fully digital group administration, Insurers can connect their brokers, service providers, group customers and insureds. Create new products and plans, quote, renew, onboard customers – and much more.'s InsurTech Spotlight provides a window into the InsurTech community in Canada. Join us on Tuesday, December 15 and learn more in-depth about these two innovative participants, including:

  • Their story;
  • Their product or service and the opportunity they are addressing;
  • The market each serves;
  • Challenges they have overcome and issues they face;
  • A look forward, informed by the journey to this point.

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Talem Health Analytics

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Held Dec. 15, 2020

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Technology In Action

Featured Speakers:

Matthew Kay
Matthew Kay
COO & Co-Founder,
Talem Health Analytics

Kinesiology and Physical Therapy started Matthew’s clinical career and interaction with insurance. With a long-standing fascination of research, innovative treatments, and technologies that improve client outcomes, Matthew refocused the application of these to the insurance industry. Matthew’s main focus now is creating strong customer relationships, developing software, and technology to solve the root customer problems. Ultimately, the goal is advancing healthcare without compromising the quality of care.

Hans Frauenlob
Hans Frauenlob

Hans Frauenlob is the Co-founder of Sentro. A technology innovator, he has led successful online business projects in North America and Australasia. He has introduced new online service channels for the Toronto Blue Jays, Loblaws, ASB Bank, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, and others. He also played on the first curling team to represent New Zealand at the Winter Olympics in 2006 in Torino.

Doug Grant
Doug Grant

Doug Grant has been helping the insurance industry in Canada – individual companies and cross-industry groups in both P&C and Life – make effective use of technology for many years.

Doug is a founding partner of, a leading Canadian Insurance resource centre for consumers and insurance professionals alike. He helps organize and host's annual conference and other industry events.

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About Sentro

Our end-to-end, insured-centric approach to group insurance and benefits looks differently at group. We consider group ‘anything the boss organizes and the employee gets’. We also want to make it easier for bosses to buy, and for employees to have their needs reflected in group products. Sentro is the enabler for the B2B2E service channel.

About Talem Health Analytics

Talem is an AI-enabled injury analysis platform that helps auto insurers accelerate claim lifecycles and enhance customer experience with early and accurate injury insights. With basic claim information and car crash images, we deliver a biomechanical review that provides insights into possible injuries, treatment protocol, and recovery time in order to better inform claim management and reserve settings. We put in-depth scientific injury analysis at the insurer’s fingertips early in the claim cycle. By gaining an early understanding of your customer’s situation and the injuries they are experiencing, you gain trust as a reliable, informed, and transparent partner in their time of need. When more information is needed, blend expertise and technology with our custom network of medical professionals.

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