Four Technologies You Should Watch in 2018

Free Webinar, January 31st

InsurTech is maturing, enabling and driving dramatic change in insurance in Canada. Underpinning this phenomenon, four technologies are influencing the infrastructure for the future of insurance.

We have recruited four experienced executives who will provide insights on the business demands and technology responses:

  • Artificial Intelligence - Joseph D'Souza, CEO, ProNavigator
  • Blockchain - Iliana Oris Valiente, Blockchain Innovation Lead, Accenture
  • Auto Telematics - Cletus Nunes, Sr. Sales Director, Octo Telematics
  • UX/CX - Andrew Lo, President & CEO, Kanetix Ltd.


  • Why these four technologies should be included in your watch list in 2018;
  • How the technologies fit with consumers' requirements;
  • What lines of business are particularly important in this environment;
  • Who needs to be involved and drive internal and external resources;
  • Where you can find additional information.

The webinar will be moderated by Patrick Vice, Partner,

Free Webinar:
“Tech Watch 2018”

January 31, 2018
1:00pm - 2:00pm EST

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Featured Speakers

Joseph D'Souza, CEO, ProNavigator
Joseph D'Souza,

Joseph believes customer service in Insurance​ is due for an upgrade. Leveraging messaging and breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence, ProNavigator works to disrupt manual driven customer service that exists in the Insurance Industry.

ProNavigator's intelligent customer service assistant can talk to your website visitors and customers in real-time,​ driving sales and making it easy for insurance companies to provide on-demand customer support at scale.

Iliana Oris Valiente, Blockchain Innovation Lead, Accenture
Iliana Oris Valiente,
Blockchain Innovation Lead,

Iliana Oris Valiente is a trailblazer in the blockchain space with a focus on exponential technology, entrepreneurship and bridging the gap between the corporate world and the start-up communities.

At Accenture, Iliana is responsible for strategy initiatives and overseeing projects to conceptualize and build blockchain solutions across industries, with a focus on FSI, supply chain, healthcare and the public sector.

Iliana is also the founder of ColliderX, the first non-profit, open-source, crowdsourced R&D hub for blockchain and related technologies.

Cletus Nunes, Sr. Sales Director, Octo Telematics (North America)
Cletus Nunes,
Sr. Sales Director,
Octo Telematics

Cletus Nunes oversees Octo Telematics' insurance, automotive and emerging product sales in the US and Canada. Cletus has worked in the connected vehicle industry for more than 15 years in product development, delivery and sales for OEM, fleet, automotive, and insurance connected car solutions. Cletus is a strategic leader and key innovator with a history of success in anticipating consumer need and capitalizing on emerging technology to deliver innovative products and solutions. His passion is finding new opportunities to use vehicle connectivity to improve ROI.

Andrew Lo, CEO, Kanetix Ltd.
Andrew Lo,
President & CEO,
Kanetix Ltd.

As President and CEO, Andrew Lo leads corporate development initiatives for Kanetix Ltd., Canada's largest online marketplace for insurance and financial services. He is also a Business Strategy Advisor for Ryerson University's DMZ helping to develop entrepreneurs and startup companies at Canada's largest startup incubator.

Andrew has many years of experience as a business and technology leader for FinTech companies such as Filogix and D+H, and has developed organizations from startups into industry shaping ventures with over 4,000 employees.


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