E-Signatures FAQ For Canadian Insurance

Insurance customers are looking for convenience and speed – the instant digital service they receive elsewhere.

For providers of insurance services, customer service is key, but so is efficiency.

Implementing e-signatures is a good stepping stone along the digital transformation journey we are all travelling.

Watch this webinar – originally held Wednesday, November 15, 2017.

The insurance industry was an early adopter of electronic signatures, and today we see widespread use of digital new business applications, policy delivery and claims submissions throughout Canada by insurance companies and brokers of all sizes.

Despite this progress, questions remain for many insurance companies. Join us for an interactive webinar where we'll field your questions and answer common electronic signature questions, including:

  • Adoption – What percent opt-in should we expect?
  • Legal – Are there any exceptions or special requirements I need to be aware of?
  • Integration – How do e-signatures integrate with our systems?
  • Use cases – How are other insurance companies using e-signatures?
  • Workflow – How can I customize the workflow for an optimal signer experience?

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“E-Signature FAQ
For Canadian Insurance”

November 15, 2017

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Featured Speaker:

Andrea Masterton, Director - Corporate Marketing, eSignLive by VASCO
Andrea Masterton,
Director - Corporate Marketing,
eSignLive by VASCO

Host and Moderator:

Doug Grant, Partner, Insurance-Canada.ca
Doug Grant,