Improving Auto Claims With Real-Time Analytics

Addressing A Customer Auto Claims Issue With Real-Time Predictive Analytics: free webinar featuring Aviva Canada

With today's intense focus on the customer experience, addressing pain points is high on the list of corporate objectives. Within auto claims, the process of determining whether a vehicle is repairable or should be consigned to salvage can be a sore spot for both customer and adjuster. As Aviva Canada put it:

Our customers kept telling us that auto claims took too long to settle, required too much effort, and left them wondering what they needed to do and what the next steps would be.

Based on this feedback, Aviva invested further in innovating its auto claim process, with a particular focus on improving the customer experience.

Customers told us specifically that one of the most stressful aspects of making a claim is dealing with the uncertainty associated with whether or not their vehicle will be repaired.

Aviva tackled this issue by integrating real-time predictive analytics into the process.

This webinar will review:

  • The business issues;
  • The technology;
  • The data science & analytics; and
  • The results – for the consumer, for adjusters, and for Aviva.

Aviva Canada's 2020 ICTA nomination – ‘Improving the auto claims process with analytics’ – took first place in both the main ICTA awards and the People's Choice (‘PICTA’) awards!

Aviva Canada's presentation on ‘Addressing A Customer Auto Claims Issue With Real-Time Predictive Analytics’ was one of the highest-rated sessions at this year's Technology Conference.

Watch the webinar recording or scroll down to learn more about the speakers.

Aviva Canada

Free webinar:

Held April 7, 2020

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Technology In Action series:
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Featured Speakers:

Jonathan Spinner
Jonathan Spinner
AVP - Claims Transformation & Strategy,
Aviva Canada

Jonathan Spinner is a passionate advocate for the effective application of technology to transforming businesses and fostering cultures of continuous improvement and innovation.

As the Assistant Vice President of Claims Transformation at Aviva Canada, Jonathan is responsible for identifying and assessing the potential of advances in technology to improve the Aviva claims customer experience, and for leading the execution and delivery of the changes that make it easier for claims staff to deliver that customer experience in ways that surprise and delight Aviva’s customers.

Jonathan leverages his background in technology and extensive experience in consulting to bring the business operations and technology delivery teams together to execute successfully on meaningful transformational change.

Dorothy Comber
Dorothy Comber
AVP - Data Science & Analytics
Aviva Canada

Dorothy Comber is a passionate technology leader with extensive experience delivering measurable business value and building high performing engineering teams. With over 10 years as a leader of both product and software development teams across many different aspects of an organization, she recognizes the importance of knowing your customer and understanding how technology can transform the way we interact with a business. Translating that vision into fundamental changes in how we use data, software, data science and customer service has allowed her to transform the way businesses operate and connect with both their staff and their customers.

Dorothy is shaping the way Aviva uses data to drive decision-making across pricing, underwriting, claims and fraud. She is focused on building scalable and automated end-to-end solutions that reshape the capabilities of the business and allow Aviva to make better decisions, faster.

Daryl McGrattan
Daryl McGrattan
AVP - Product Analytics and Delivery, Auto Claims,
Aviva Canada

Daryl is an experienced claims leader with a demonstrated history of leading operational change in the insurance industry. Daryl is a strong advocate for simplifying claims for customers by using data and technology to improve the customer experience.

As the Assistant Vice President of Auto Claims at Aviva Canada, Daryl is responsible for identifying areas of improvement and implementing technological enhancements to streamline the customer journey. He leads a team of Change mangers and developers that collaboratively work together by incorporating the systems thinking methodology to analyze data and foster an environment of continuous improvement to create simplicity.

Doug Grant
Doug Grant

Doug Grant has been helping the insurance industry in Canada – individual companies and cross-industry groups in both P&C and Life – make effective use of technology for many years.

Doug is a founding partner of, a leading Canadian Insurance resource centre for consumers and insurance professionals alike. He helps organize and host's annual conference and other industry events.

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