Survey: Social in Canadian Insurance

The status of social in Canadian insurance, February – March, 2013

Social has gone from edgy just a few years ago to mainstream in the personal communications space. Businesses focused on advertising and communications quickly tapped into the growing phenomenon.

Although some may not see insurance as being entirely conservative, the nature of the business – all about risk – tends to place us in that realm. As social in all its aspects has continued to grow and evolve, the early adopters who most quickly tested the waters still have an advantage.

The first day of the 2013 Technology Conference will include a half-day “Social Boot Camp” to provide a deep dive into the use of social for insurance business purposes. It will feature presentations and expert panels to discuss the current status of the social insurance business in Canada, look at how businesses are “operationalizing” social, and provide suggestions for improving your digital footprint.

We are asking for your help to get a cross-section of the industry’s current “social status.” Whether you have avoided social tools thus far or you are a more advanced user, we would appreciate your perspective.

For further information on Social Boot Camp or on the 2013 Insurance-Technology Conference, please visit the ICTC section and browse Topics & Speaker Details or view the PDF Agenda at a Glance. If you have a particular interest in social, you can register for just the social boot camp; this includes the welcoming reception which follows in the exhibit hall.