Survey: Brokers of Tomorrow

Characteristics of Brokers of Tomorrow

The insurance consumer continues to change and we in the insurance community respond to their changes or fail to do so at our peril. Brokers in many cases are the face of insurance to insureds, and see those changes up close. After all, personal contact and relationships are one of the key competitive advantages.

At the 2013 Technology Conference, March 18-19 in Toronto, two of the several sessions which focus on brokers will look at leading brokers of today and how they may change in the next few years.

Brokers face not only the public, but also their markets. Much is being done to improve the workload and service inefficiencies among these partnerships – learn more at the conference.

At the same time, many technologies from BMS providers and others are being deployed which focus on brokerage internal workflows, procedures and new functions.

Organizations including IBAC, IBAO, CSIO, and ORBiT have helped enable much of this progress. Many of them will be at the conference. Come and network; discuss your questions.

For further information on the Broker Sessions or on the 2013 Insurance-Technology Conference, please browse our Presentation Topics & Speaker Details or view the PDF Agenda at a Glance. Join your broker peers and insurer partners.