Social Media Communicators for the Business of Insurance in Canada

Who Communicates with whom? Mini-survey by

A significant number of people involved with insurance are already using or intend to use social media tools and channels to communicate with others in Canada. So, who are they today, or will they in future, communicate with?

It is important to hear from everyone, whether you are an active or casual participant in social media, or do not communicate this way at all.

The survey is very short – six simple questions. Note that the first and last questions are the same as the last survey; the essence of this survey is in questions 2 and 3.

You will see the summary of the results of those who have already taken it when you finish (you may well spend more time viewing the results than it takes to do the survey).

Who do we – insurance practitioners, suppliers, providers – communicate with using social media?

This mini-survey was open from July 12, closed on August 3, 2011.

Summary Report on 24 September 2011.

This report presents the results overall and then compares the three groups who responded in numbers: P&C Brokers/Agents, P&C Insurers and Suppliers. The survey was conducted between July 12 and August 3, 2011. Thanks to those who took the survey.

  • The survey drew over 100 responses.
  • P&C Brokers/Agents were the largest group at 31%.
  • All of the Suppliers (23% of responses) use social media.
  • For social business, the most common group to communicate with was other firms within the insurance community
  • Over 50% of P&C Brokers/Agents and P&C Insurers are Social with insurance customers.
  • Just over 20% of P&C Brokers/Agents communicate with the general public.

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