Mobile Technology in Insurance in Canada

How Many Use Mobile Technology? Mini-survey by

Specialized roles – field adjusters and appraisers, marketing reps – have used laptops to support their roles for many years.

The introduction of smartphones and more recently tablets, along with continuous improvements in mobile communications infrastructure, has broadened the appeal of mobile devices to potentially almost everyone.

The survey is fairly short – six questions about mobile and three simple “who are you” questions. The questions are about you and your use of mobile, not the business or technical aspects.

You will see the summary of the results of those who have already taken it when you finish (you may well spend more time viewing the results than it takes to do the survey).

How much do we – insurance practitioners, suppliers, providers – use mobile technology personally and for business use?

This mini-survey was open from October 3; closed on October 13, 2011.

Overall Report on 17 October 2011.

Thank you for participating – well over 100 responses. Here are a couple of notes; items which you can see in more detail in the report below:

The P&C industry – brokers & agents, and insurers – were the heavy respondents.
Among those taking part, mobile computing is quite well accepted.
Personal use is somewhat more common than business use.
The use of smartphones is very high.
In the relatively short time since the tablet was “legitimized”, it has become surprisingly common, and it is expected to become more so.
More analysis will be provided over the next while and reported in our blog and articles, but they will be listed here for your reference as well.

View the summary report from October 17.