Insurance and Technology Topics

What Insurance and Technology Topics Would You Like to Discuss?

Every insurance organization and related entity uses technology to support their business. Insurers, brokers and service providers are increasingly dependent upon technology, and for some who provide related services, it is their core business.

Whether you are an insurer, broker or services provider, computers and communications support you from back to front office, from policy to claims details, from customer to employee information, from marketing to sales, from insurer or distributor to supplier or among all three.

At a more technical topic-level, from social and other communications to the use of mobile technology, from data (everywhere) to analytics, from core systems (policy, BMS, claims) to business intelligence, insurance has uses for them all.

Even industry sessions focused on other topics entirely tend to refer back to technology as a result of its sheer ubiquity.

Consider that you are about to attend a conference which is specifically about the use of technology and insurance in Canada; what topics would you like to hear discussed?

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