IMS Telematics Survey

Telematics and UBI in Canada Right Now

Telematics and UBI in Canada over the last 18 months has gone from nowhere to one of the focus topics in the Canadian P&C auto insurance industry.

As Christine Haeberlin notes in her blog post at the Intersection, UBI Opportunities and Industry Consolidation: Find Both at #ICTC2014, “I started with only one telematics device in one car in our household – now we have two.”

With some 8 telematics/UBI products or projects thus far announced in Canada, perhaps the first-mover advantages are gone. Or perhaps with the growing variety of technical implementations and the wide range of potential benefits and any number of niche and specialty market opportunities, much is yet to be gained.

IMS is interested in gathering and sharing with you where the auto insurance industry stands on telematics in Canada at this time.

This survey is now closed. Thanks for your participation.

We would appreciate your response to this survey by end of day Friday, February 21, and we will share the results with you in a summary report before or at the Technology Conference in Toronto, March 17-18, 2014 (ICTC2014). We will also reference the information in the session “Telematics Bootcamp 2014: Winning Through Differentiation,” the first in a series of sessions about telematics and UBI at the conference.

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