ICTC 2014 CMO Survey

Do Marketing and IT Go To Market Together?

“Marketing” has always been the blueprint by which a company goes to market with products and services. Since the arrival of the internet and pervasive web content and emails – and the subsequent dawn of social – technology has become an increasingly important component of every company’s marketing toolkit.

As more and more data becomes available, enabling companies to understand their customers ever better through tools like analytics, the links between Marketing (Chief Marketing Officer) and Information Technology (Chief Information Officer) will grow stronger and the two will be increasingly interdependent.

Thank you in advance for sharing with us in this brief survey whether and how this relationship is unfolding in your business.

The 10-question survey should take no more than five minutes. This survey closed Friday, January 24, 2014.

A summary report will be published within two weeks of the close of the survey. The study results will be offered to those who are presenting in the marketing space at ICTC2014 to help them more directly current address industry issues in light of the results.