Describing the Insurance Industry

Report from the Survey

The report (PDF) summarizes your responses.

This survey closed June 27, 2013.

How would you describe the shape of the insurance industry? (Part 4)
Looking ahead to 2023, a group is evaluating how various factors might change the shape of the industry. That raises the question of how one describes the “shape” of the industry.

You and your peers have selected the top two characteristics in each of six categories of ways to define the shape or nature of the insurance industry. In this final step, please help us determine the key characteristics across the six categories. (You need not have participated in the three prior surveys.)

As the report shows, the first survey yielded numerous characteristics, which we grouped into six different categories. In the second survey, you collectively indicated whether you felt each characteristic was of low, moderate or high value. Rather surprisingly, the results were quite common for several characteristics in each category.

After removing the lower ranked entries, we asked you to select the top two in each category. The third survey resulted in a choice of the top two characteristics in each of the six categories. These top twelve characteristics have now been pooled into one group.

Please rank these twelve in the sequence or priority that you might use them when describing the industry to an acquaintance.

Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts and opinions with us.