2010 Conference: Overview – Description, Agenda

“Real Time Insurance: Agile, Integrated and Aligned”
2010 Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Conference

Sheraton Centre Hotel (Toronto) – Monday, February 22, 2010

Topics & Speaker Details

Photos from the conference

Our 8th Annual P&C Technology Conference will be held at the Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel.

Overview of Conference

The pace of change in technology and insurance has never been greater. Insurers and brokers are demanding tools that improve workflows and competitiveness. The organizations which manage not only to survive but to thrive in an increasingly competitive and connected world are those which:

  • are agile enough to embrace change;
  • have integrated to improve processes; and
  • have IT aligned with business requirements.

The Insurance-Canada.ca P&C Technology Conference is offering attendees unique opportunities to understand the business and technology drivers of change, and create strategies to keep pace. Topics will include:

  • Real-time broker workflows: implementing technology to improve profitability of independent distribution;
  • Successful social networking and Web 2.0 strategies for insurance;
  • Key attributes of the new generation of carrier and broker management/administration systems;
  • Technology infrastructure: enabling or inhibiting business agility?
  • Key techniques to effectively tailor marketing, sales, and service activities;
  • Major trends in consumers' technology behaviors and expectations;;
  • New realities of supply chain and supplier management;
  • Financial and performance alignment for projects and strategies;
  • A profile of new and emerging technologies;
  • And much more.

The conference will benefit:

  • P&C Insurer CEO, CFO, COO who understands the importance of technology in distribution
  • CIO, Senior IT Manager who understands the significance of integration
  • Broker principal/operations manager who sees the need for agility in workflow
  • Supplier or consultant who seeks the next generation of customer

The conference faculty will include best in class practitioners, analysts, and suppliers who will bring real world experiences.

As with all Insurance-Canada conferences, presentations will have a business focus; no technical background is required. We use real-world examples, presented by experienced practitioners, consultants, and suppliers.

Agenda Overview

The conference will feature five main tent sessions, addressing topics of interest to all senior managers involved with insurance and technology. In addition, for parts of the day, there will be four concurrent streams, each featuring a number of presentations, focusing on Real Time Insurance issues. One stream will focus on topics of interest primarily to Brokers and a second on topics about Distribution/Interface, from the policy management system to the broker. The third stream, Value Added Technology, focuses on integrated customer communications and analytics. The fourth is a Solutions Showcase, with a variety of topics. Each attendee will be able to move between streams, should a topic in another stream have greater appeal.

Throughout the day, there will be opportunities to meet presenters and other delegates and to visit sponsor exhibitors.

Featured Presentations

Please refer to the outlines page for details on topics and speakers.

Brokers: Continuing Education

We are pleased to confirm RIBO has confirmed accreditation of this event in the amount of 7 credit-hours in the Management Category.

Featured Presentations

Main Tent Presentations
Hope and Optimism: The Insurance Industry of 2010
Kimberly Harris-Ferrante, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner - Insurance Industry Advisory Services
The Integrated Office: Creating Customer Opportunity
Steve Hancock, Industry Principal - Insurance, SAP Americas
Social Networking and Insurance - You Have Got To Be Kidding!
Rick Morgan, Rick Morgan Consulting
Balancing the Scales
James Bisker, IBM Global Non-Life Insurance Segment Manager
Broker - Insurer Panel Discussion 
Rick Morgan (moderator), Rick Morgan Consulting
Sean Christie, Vice President Strategic Projects, Gore Mutual
Colin Smith, Senior VP and CIO, The Economical Insurance Group
Rick Orr, Vice President, Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario
Jim McGregor, CEO, The Precept Group
Stream 1: Broker Operations
OK, so you want a website ... Why?
Denny Edwards, President, carinsurance.ca and Edwards Insurance Group
Martin Eising, Vice President - Technology, HealthQuotes.ca Inc.
The 21-Day Challenge for Improving Broker Efficiency
Doug Johnston, Applied Systems
BMS For Today and Tomorrow
Broker-Vendor panel
US Perspective: Real Time Campaign Update
Cal Durland, Program Manager and AUGIE Facilitator, ACORD
UK Perspective: Insurer - Broker Exchange
Greg Purdy, Managing Partner, Pathway Partners Ltd.
Canadian P&C Data Exchange and Programs
Steve Kaukinen, President, CSIO
Update on The Road to Real-Time
Wendy Watson, Co-Chair, ORBiT
Update on IBAC's Data Exchange Pilot Project
Brenda Rose, IBAC Technology Champion
Sheldon Wasylenko, IBAC Technology Champion
Company View: Insurer - Broker Exchange
Jackie Selby, Manager, Personal Lines Development and Connectivity, AXA Insurance (Canada)
Stream 2: Carrier Operations
Real-Time for the First Time: Going Portal Free
J.R. (Bob) Tisdale, President, Pembridge Insurance
Charles Samolczyk, Vice President - Product Sales, Brovada
How Winning Companies Enhance Distribution Channel Performance
Glen Piller, President and CEO, Iter8 Inc
Jevco Leaps Forward with new Technologies including Web 2.0
Bryan Harper, Director of IT, Jevco Insurance Company
Greg Thornton, CEO, Octello Inc.
Core System Replacement – Closing the Productivity Gap
Brian Desmond, Vice President - Marketing, Guidewire Software
Stream 3: Value Added Technology
Customer Communications - Ten Best Practices: Transforming Legacy to Agility
Lisa Lynn Sutrick, Director, CCM, PBBI
Building a Business Analytics Culture in Insurance
Mark B. Gorman, Principal, Mark B. Gorman & Associates
Demystifying P&C Insurance Business Intelligence
Philippe Torres, President, SQLiaison
Gerry Lee, Account Executive, SQLiaison
Real-time use of analytics in underwriting
Marlowe Leibensperger, Senior Vice President, R&D / Consulting, Eagle Eye
Leveraging Customer Data for Marketing
Catherine Pearson, Vice President, Environics Analytics
Risk Management & Fraud Mitigation through effective Address Management and Location Intelligence
Chris North, Vice President - Customer Advocacy and Product Strategy, DMTI Spatial
Stream 4: Solution Showcase
Improving Property Underwriting in Quebec
Thierry Baulu, GIS Solutions Manager, JLR Recherche Immobilière
Integration and Collaboration through Claims Technology
James R. Swayze , President and CEO, Symbility Solutions, Inc.
Delivering Business Value by Aligning IT Strategy with Business Strategy
Len O'Sullivan, Partner and VP Consulting Services, Stratix Consulting
Gary Dandridge, Director IT Strategy, Stratix Consulting
Applying Mobile Technology to Process Optimization
Joel W. Collamer, Consultant, Wipro Insurance - Business Advisory Services
He Said, She Said – Let's Prove It!
Bob Casselli, President & CEO, blueC 802
Pat Durepos, President, Keal Technology
"Integrated Outsourcing": Optimizing the Cost-of-Business Processes
Ganesh Pai, Head, Client Services - Insurance, Healthcare & Government, Americas, MphasiS
Billing as a Customer Service Tool
Anil Chitale, Property and Casualty Practice Leader, MajescoMastek
10 Tips for Good IT Governance
Linda Bowers, Partner & SVP, Business Solutions, Stratix Consulting