ICTC2008 Topics and Speakers

“Innovation: A Business and Technology Partnership”
2008 P&C Insurance Technology Conference

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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Our fourth annual P&C Insurance Technology Conference will provide the information required for technology professionals to anticipate the changes in the business, and allow business professionals to understand the competitive advantage of innovative technology solutions, that cross the various disciplines within insurance organizations, with a focus on Distribution and Claims.

Conference Topics

8:00 – 8:45: Registration and Coffee

8:45 Welcome and introduction: Patrick Vice, Director – Information Technology, Frank Cowan Company Limited.
“New Directions for Insurance – Innovation and Transformation”
Kimberly Harris-Ferrante, Research Vice President, Gartner Inc., Insurance Industry Advisory Services

Shifting consumer needs, changing regulatory requirements and heightened competition are driving insurers to move from the traditional ways of doing business to embrace new channels, business models, processes, and technologies. This presentation will overview the major changes occurring in the global insurance industry and present examples of how leading insurers are innovating in order to better compete.

Ms. Harris-Ferrante will draw on her extensive experience with P&C insurers, brokers, and suppliers to delineate best practices for business and technology innovation to support corporate objectives. Samples of Gartner’s studies and analyses will support her observations and recommendations.

“Communicating with the Insurance Consumer of the Future”
Ismail Pishori, Vice President, Financial Services Marketing, TELUS

Ismail Pishori will discuss the future consumer and how their expectations of insurance providers are evolving. He will provide innovative ideas on the influencers affecting the consumer of the future (e.g. social networking, blogging, etc), how consumers will want to interact with Insurance Companies and Financial Services organisations, and how consumers will generally expect to do business in the future. These influencers and decision making processes will drive innovative ways in going to market, and in marketing to the future consumer, while at the same time, continually enhancing the customer’s experience, from the sales engagement process on through to customer support – including making the claims process a positive experience.

“Leveraging the Global Information Market for Competitive Advantage”
Wayne Beck, Vice President, CGI

Insurance is an information business, be it underwriting or claims; as such it is dependent upon data to be effective. Data’s efficiency is determined by both its quality and the manner in which the data is processed.

Business process automation is a key enabler of any efficient insurance operation. By accessing data electronically from its source, whether internal or external, workload is reduced. By retrieving data when it is needed, cycle time is reduced. Real-time electronic access enables straight-through processing and a true 24X7 operation. This is not only a very efficient environment, but can be a process-changing one.

Business rules engines can drive workflow efficiencies and real-time access to information can lead to better decisions; together these drive increased bottom-line profit and ultimately provide a better service experience. Sophisticated business rules engines, exception-based underwriting, improved analytics for rate modeling, decisioning systems and business process management are critical initiatives; their true value emerges when they are supplied with timely and accurate data and information.

Wayne will explore the changes insurers are making today and planning for tomorrow as they leverage the global information market.

“Insurance 2020: Now What?”
Jamie Bisker, Global Insurance Practice Leader, Institute for Business Value, IBM Global Business Services

“Now What?” is the follow-on thought leadership to the original Insurance 2020 Study and focuses on tactical ideas on how to make innovation real for insurers. Results from other recent IBV studies (such as “The Customer Focused Enterprise – Insurance” version, and “SOA in Insurance”) will be referenced as well.

(“Insurance 2020: The Undiscovered Country” was presented at Insurance Canada’s Conference in Feb. 2006. Insurance 2020 was a global study designed to collect and analyze the state of the insurance industry in 15 years time. Perspectives, opinions and projections were collected via surveys, roundtables, and interviews with insurance executives, line of business leaders, and analysts from around the world.)

“Insurance Systems Development- Think Locally, Act Globally”
Peter L. Walker, Executive Vice President – Munich Reinsurance Company of Canada and Temple Insurance Company

Munich Reinsurance Company of Canada has enjoyed success in developing policy processing and distribution systems in its Toronto Competency Centre, which have been successfully deployed in MunichRe offices on 5 continents. Recently, the company signed an agreement to have a third party vendor take the technology for development as a commercial offering.

In this presentation, the senior architects of MunichRe will describe the drivers, challenges, and opportunities it encountered in this innovative initiative. The presentation will focus on underwriting, marketing, and distribution element and the role of standards for development and data exchange.

“Web 2.0 & Insurance Technology”
David Hanley, Vice President, Insurance Systems Inc.

The next generation of insurance consumers and professionals has grown up on Google, eBay, Wikipedia, Flickr, and Skype – and they expect those types of on-demand tools to be available in their daily routines. There are concerns with security and privacy; however some leading insurers and brokers have invested in tools to take advantage of Web 2.0 while minimizing risk. Attend this session to learn how to embrace simple, readily available tools, services, and technologies to realize savings and embrace opportunities in the insurance value chain.

During this session, David will use exercises and examples to illustrate the key concepts behind Web 2.0 in an effort to help attendees understand how they can turn the Web 2.0 buzzword into dollars on the bottom line for their organizations.

“Unlocking Innovation Through the Insurance Value Chain”
George Nelson, Insurance Technical Strategist, Microsoft Corporation
Bryon Cook, Vice President of Data Analytics, DriveCam

The insurance industry is an increasingly dynamic environment – both within the enterprise, where business strategies shift, and outside the enterprise, where unanticipated opportunities and threats are constantly emerging.

To remain competitive, you need to:

  • reduce IT complexity,
  • enable straight-through business processes, and
  • give your people the ability to unlock the agility of the insurance enterprise.

Microsoft’s Insurance Value Chain (IVC) has been created specifically for the insurance industry, combining deep industry knowledge with innovation.

One example of innovation in action is the work that DriveCam is doing. Leveraging the Insurance Value Chain, DriveCam predicts and prevents risky driving behaviours, resulting in reduced claims costs and saving millions of lives.

Join us to learn how to increase customer satisfaction and profitability as Microsoft insurance experts discuss emerging technology trends and how continuous technological innovation becomes an enabler to a more efficient organization.

“Operational Excellence – A Mandate For Change”
Brian Desmond, Vice President – Marketing, Guidewire Software

Join this presentation to hear why claims operational excellence can and should be an imperative for P&C carriers. Brian Desmond, VP Marketing from Guidewire will provide his perspective of what operational excellence means, what it will take to get there and provide a case study of one carrier that has begun the journey.

“Implementing a New Claims System: The Importance of Partnerships”
Dave DiPetta, AVP, Business Evolution Strategy Team, Allstate Canada Group
Christine Haeberlin, VP, Business Development, Innovation Group

Partnership…the critical ingredient for Implementing A new Claims solution Anyone involved in significant IT projects knows the “recipe for success” is not static. Add a twist here, a dash there – the recipe changes on the fly – but the end result as originally envisioned must be achieved. In property and casualty insurance, there has been little end-to-end change to the claims processing recipe. Instances of automation have added a little spice, but attempts to take generic technologies such as email and document management and apply them to the complex world of claims have essentially produced bland results.

There are numerous touch points and many players and continuous adjustments must be made to support the ever-changing business needs and make sure the recipe stays on the right track. The team must assess, understand and adjust and subsequently communicate these changes to every stakeholder. Without the right team and open communication, you risk having “too many cooks in the kitchen” – all adding their own ingredients and taking you further away from the original plan.

This session will touch on all aspects of the recipe for success for implementing an innovative claims solution from strategy development, to solution selection, to project implementation and finally, the rollout. Results include a fully implemented, technology-enabled capability that the business understands, supports and buys in to. Highlights include the value being derived from realizing the vision and new opportunities and agility being created to grow the business.

“The Nuts & Bolts of Commercial Data Exchange”
Kevin Campbell, President, Policy Works Inc.

Policy Works, the industry-leading Commercial Management System, has partnered with four insurers – ING, Gore Mutual, Aviva and Royal & SunAlliance – to provide brokers with a commercial-lines data exchange solution based on the CSIO XML commercial-lines standard.

Kevin Campbell will discuss the benefits of this partnership to the independent broker distribution channel, the challenges associated with exchanging data with multiple carriers, and where data exchange in the commercial-lines realm is possibly headed over the next 5 years.

“Why Should You Care About Integrations Like VoIP?”
Pat Durepos, President, Keal

Technology is the key weapon in a brokers tool box that will ensure survival in this decade. With a reducing workforce amplified efficiency is critical! Brokers are becoming increasingly more efficient each day with paperless environments and utilizing SEMCI. VoIP integration is the newest and most important tool to add to the brokers arsenal.

VoIP integration will help brokers enhance quality for training, coaching using listening, recording and whispering telephony features. On the marketing side, call assignment linked to campaigns and BMS databases will ensure execution and measurement. On the support side, it will expedite call resolution and direction to the appropriate CSR, specialist or their back ups in record time, not to mention providing VIP clients with assured SLA commitments. The features are endless, not the least of which is expense reduction!

“Enhancing Broker Carrier Connectivity”
Michael Wright, Vice President of Business Development, Brovada

A challenge many brokerages are facing today how to take advantage of the functionality available within their various insurers’ portals while at the same time maintaining work flow efficiencies within their brokerages. There are many differing work flows utilized in brokerages today and finding a vehicle to move your data to each insurer in a cost effective efficient manner has become a challenge.

At Brovada we have assisted numerous brokerages in order to more efficiently deliver their data to their respective insurers as well as working with the insurers in enabling them to automate the acceptance of this data in a non intrusive manner.

“Innovation at the Insurance Carrier – Modernize Underwriting”
Dave Patrick, Vice President Business Development, iter8 Inc.

Underwriting demands distinct, modern technology to drive efficiencies and flexibility, and to enable proactive response to the changing marketplace – technology that is free of the constraints of being embedded within a Policy Administration System.

We’ll discuss innovative technologies insurers can use to modernize current underwriting, automate broker connectivity and produce significant gains in efficiency and service levels.

“Location Intelligence”
Wendy Correoso, Director, Financial Services, Pitney Bowes MapInfo Canada

More than 80% of all data maintained by organizations around the world has a location component. Location Intelligence from Pitney Bowes MapInfo provides insurers with a way to use location information to increase business profitability and performance by making better underwriting and claims management decisions.

Wendy will define and discuss the value of Location Intelligence, the key industry applications and the impact on underwriting and risk management decisions. The overall value of Location Intelligence will be reinforcement by five specific customer case examples.

“Vendor Cost Management – Adding Value with eBilling”
Wayne Nykyforchyn, President, Allegient Systems

Allegient will share their knowledge about the deployment and the benefits of eBilling in a claims environment. The presentation will review the evolution of eBilling in the claims legal context. It will also highlight how eBilling has evolved into other claim vendor categories including Independent Adjuster, Engineer and Accountants. Allegient will also discuss how internet and browser based technology has transformed a traditionally manual process into a highly productive and revealing process that allows insurance companies to continue to capitalize on the benefits of investing in technology in the claims management area.

“Vaisala Lightning Detection Technology”
Andrew Kirk, Industry Manager, Vaisala

Andy will describe Vaisala and the North American Lightning Detection Network. Withinthat context, he will discuss current sensors, functionality, how and why data is used, and lightning’s impact on the Insurance Industry.

“Broker-Company Real-Time Interface: It’s all About with Standards”
Doug Johnston, Vice President Partner Relations and Product Innovation, Applied Systems, Inc.
Irv Kantar, Carrier Relationship Manager, Applied Systems, Inc.
“Mobility in the Insurance Industry”
James R. Swayze, President and Chief Executive Officer, Symbility Solutions Inc.
“IME Workflow”
Donald Kunkel, AVP of Business Development, Medisys Health Group

Claims costs are continuously rising and must be contained and controlled by conscientious claims managers. One way of doing this is to implement a highly secured, technologically advanced, single solution IT process to handle on-line medical assessment referrals. The multi-vendor web based IME workflow system, currently being utilized by 3 major auto insurers, one disability insurer and three law firms, is the vehicle readily available to drive down daily claims operational costs linked to photocopying, courier and administrative processors.

There are no implementation costs, all the staff and vendor training is free of charge and provided by Medisys. We challenge one and all to provide a rational reason as to why they would not introduce such a successful, time and marketplace tested IT solution to their claims operations.

“Improving Customer Service through First Call Resolution”
Rob McDougall, President, Upstream Works

Customer Service is THE key differentiator for the Insurance industry. Therefore it’s necessary to ensure your client issues are taken care of the first time, every time. By improving first call resolution rates, insurance companies can increase customer service levels, decrease costs of repeat calls and improve agent efficiency. Join First Call Resolution expert Rob McDougall as he defines First Call Resolution, the causes, as well as how to measure it.

4:45 Conclusions & Close
Doug Grant, Principal, Insurance-Canada.ca
5:00 Exhibits and Coffee

Conference Speakers

Wayne Beck, Vice President, CGI

Wayne is the V.P. Consulting Services and CIO for the Insurance Business Services (IBS) division of CGI. In this role he is responsible for developing and delivering a range of services to the insurance industry. As the CIO for IBS Canada he is also charged with looking for ways to leverage technology for his own internal clients. Wayne has been active in the creation of CGI’s enterprise product strategy and creation of the “integrated insurance operation” direction. A key component of this strategy was to bring the INSideOUT product to the Canadian marketplace as well as the launching of CGI industry claims portal – SMART.

James (Jamie) Bisker, Global Insurance Practice Leader, Institute for Business Value, IBM Global Business Services

Jamie joined IBM Global Business Services IBV (Institute for Business Value) in October of 2004 and his major focus is on developing thought leadership for the global insurance industry. Specifically, Jamie’s focus is on researching and describing the future state of the business climate for insurance.

Prior to joining IBM, Jamie worked for 5 years at TowerGroup in the Insurance Practice where he was most recently Director of Research. He has 28 plus years of experience in information systems with over 22 years in the insurance industry, including 14 years with the Nationwide Insurance Enterprise.

Kevin Campbell, President, Policy Works Inc.

When Kevin Campbell co-founded Policy Works with his father in 1991, the two had a vision to link brokers and insurers electronically, and a vision to provide brokers with a single tool to manage all of their commercial lines business.

For over a decade, Kevin has provided vision and guidance to his exceptional team to help make this vision a reality. Kevin believes that it is people, passion, and processes that make Policy Works the leading commercial management system in Canada.

Byron Cook, Vice President of Data Analytics, DriveCam

Bryon Cook leads DriveCam’s data analytics initiative. His duties include in-depth testing, analysis and development of optimization methodologies leveraging data from DriveCam’s global database of events reflecting risky driving behaviors across driver and vehicle types in commercial, consumer and government industry sectors.

With analytics, DriveCam is leading the Driver Risk Management revolution by leveraging driving behavior data to help fleets mitigate risk and directly impact their bottom lines while improving the overall safety of their mobile workforces.

Mr. Cook has researched, designed and developed 27 mission-critical B2B products over the past 12 years encompassing over 200 functional releases and 500 data updates in a multitude of environments including financial, insurance, and IT sectors. Mr. Cook previously served as Director of Product Management and Quality Systems at Mitchell International. He was in charge of product management, program management, marketing and quality assurance for the medical division. He also served as Director of Product Management for Equative, Inc. and Sr. Product Manager for HNC Software. Mr. Cook earned an MBA and a BS in Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis.

Wendy Correoso, Director, Financial Services, Pitney Bowes MapInfo Canada

Wendy is a Sales Director at Pitney Bowes MapInfo in Canada. She has had responsibility for managing over thirty key client accounts within the finance and insurance sectors, including Aviva, Allstate, TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank, Allstate and Manulife Financial. With over 15 years experience in the location intelligence industry, she has detailed knowledge of predictive analytics and modeling to increase business profitability and performance. Wendy’s ability to think strategically and manage expectations helps clients develop location-based solutions to better manage their assets, risks and customers.

Brian Desmond, Vice President – Marketing, Guidewire Software

Guidewire Software, is a leading global provider of technology solutions to P&C and workers’ compensation insurers. As Vice President of Marketing, Brian Desmond is responsible for the development and execution of global marketing strategy, including demand creation, positioning, branding, public relations and product marketing.

Brian brings extensive experience in corporate and product marketing to the company. Prior to joining Guidewire, Brian served as Vice President of Marketing for PeopleSoft’s Supply Chain solutions, where he led global marketing efforts for a division with $300M in annual revenue. Prior to PeopleSoft, Brian led marketing at Ketera Technologies, playing a key role in establishing Ketera as a leader in the “software as a service” space. Prior to Ketera, Brian served in a variety of product marketing roles at Ariba and Tradex Technologies (acquired by Ariba). Brian began his career at Accenture, and managed project teams implementing SAP R/3 at Fortune1000 companies.

Brian has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics and Marketing from University College of Cork, Ireland.

Dave DiPetta, AVP, Business Evolution Strategy Team, Allstate Canada Group

Dave DiPetta is the Assistant Vice President of Business Evolution Strategy Team (BEST), and is accountable for the implementation of new claims, policy and customer management systems for Allstate Canada Group (ACG). In addition, he oversees the strategic process innovation, broker portal, and business intelligence programs, as the company migrates towards a fully integrated systems solution.

Dave joined ACG in 2004 as a Business Program Director in the enterprise Program Management Office. He has more than twenty-four years of valuable experience in the property and casualty insurance industry, designing and implementing technology based solutions from both company and vendor perspectives.

Prior to joining ACG, Dave had senior roles in information technology, marketing, and investments, for notable companies such as Royal SunAlliance and Fairfax Financial.

Dave is a Mathematics graduate from the University of Waterloo.

Pat Durepos, President, Keal

Pat has been an entrepreneur since high school. After completing his post secondary education, he started an insurance brokerage that went from $18k in commissions, eventually growing to the $5M range in a small 5000 population, rural community in Northern New Brunswick. This success was accomplished in great part because of Pat’s use and love of technology. The latter probably explains why and where he is now, managing the second largest Broker Management System firm in Canada, Keal Technology.

Pat’s views on the future of brokers heading into financial services, requiring state of the art, efficient technology and his expertise in the area technology serves, make him an ideal candidate to speak on the newest of Keal’s integrations: telephony and voice over internet protocol in a broker’s day to day workflow.

Christine Haeberlin, VP, Business Development, Innovation Group

Christine Haeberlin is the Vice President of Business Development for Innovation Group, responsible for sales, services, and client satisfaction in Canada. Innovation Group provides software and outsourcing services to the insurance industry.

Christine worked first hand in the business case development, project implementation, and ongoing support for the Innovation Group Innovation Claims Management software. She is currently working with Canadian insurers, and a team operating out of Toronto, to transform claims and policy processing, using innovative, business-process-enabled software.

Christine has worked in various technology support roles implementing property and casualty solutions for over twenty-five years. She was the General Manager for HUON Canada, a supplier of P&C software, for two years, until it was acquired by Innovation Group in June 2001.

Prior to HUON, Christine was employed by IBM Canada, where for over eighteen years she supported insurers in their selection and implementation of technology hardware and software solutions. She was responsible for leading the insurance practice in the professional services group.

Christine resides in Markham, Ontario with her husband, David and their two daughters, Jacqueline and Katherine.

David Hanley, Vice President, Insurance Systems Inc.

As Vice President of Insurance Systems Inc. (ISI), a leading policy administration solutions provider to the P&C insurance industry, David is responsible for managing and executing strategic technology projects for the company and its clients. He sits on the industry relations committee for the Insurance Accounting & Systems Association (IASA) and is a member of the Insurance Loss Control Association (ILCA).

Mr. Hanley is also a major supporter of entrepreneurship in Canada, sitting on various University campus boards of Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE) and Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE). David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University.

Kimberly Harris-Ferrante, Research Vice President, Gartner Inc., Insurance Industry Advisory Services

Kimberly Harris-Ferrante is a Research Vice President in Gartner Research, where she is responsible for monitoring the business and technology trends within the global property and casualty and life insurance industries. She specializes in strategies and technologies to support distribution, customer relationship management, exception-based underwriting, policy administration, claims management and administration, business process management, and back office processing and optimization, as well as strategies around improving insurance IT architectures using services oriented architectures and business process management. She is an active participant in Gartner’s outsourcing community where she leads on trends and best practices in IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing in the industry.

Ms. Harris-Ferrante has been an insurance analyst with Gartner since 1998 and has been active in the research field since 1992 in areas such as social sciences, healthcare, law and information technology. In these positions, she supported quantitative research projects, including focus group support, survey creation, data entry, programming, statistical analysis, and report writing.

Ms. Harris-Ferrante earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a master’s degree in sociology from East Carolina University. She has completed coursework for a Ph.D. at North Carolina State University. Her key areas of concentration included research methodology and statistics.

Doug Johnston, Vice President Partner Relations and Product Innovation, Applied Systems, Inc.

Doug joined Applied Systems in 1985 and has taken an active role in the product design and development of broker management systems, comparative rating software, insurance company systems and broker-company interface. In 1992, Doug helped in the creation of Applied Systems’ Company Products Division, offering products and services exclusively to insurance companies.

In 1999, Doug spearheaded the industry’s embracement of Internet-based Web services for real-time insurance transactions. Doug is one of the industry’s biggest advocates of CSIO and ACORD XML standards as the basis for the real-time interface movement, promoting their benefits and value.

Irv Kantar, Carrier Relationship Manager, Applied Systems, Inc.

Irv joined Applied Systems in January 2007 as Carrier Relationship Manager. In this role, he works with insurance carriers to help them understand how agents and brokers use their Applied Systems products in their agencies. He also assists carriers realize greater value with their relationships with agencies by leveraging Applied services including interface, consulting, education, and support.

Irv is a long time participant in the ACORD standards process, the IIABA’s Agents Council for Technology (ACT), and the ACORD User Group Information Exchange (AUGIE). He also has extensive experience with numerous carriers, IVANS and Applied Systems in all aspects of interface from download to real time. Irv came to Applied Systems from The Main Street America Group where he was their Agency Automation Manager.

Andrew Kirk, Industry Manager, Vaisala Inc.

Andy Kirk joined Vaisala in September 2004 as a Regional Account Executive for the Insurance Industry. He is responsible for the development, growth, and maintenance of the western US and Canada and is focused on the marketing and support of STRIKEnet lightning claim verification reports, lightning continuing education, and lightning safety education.

Prior to joining Vaisala he focused his work on new business development and marketing in the GPS and Data Communications Industry.

Andy received his Bachelor of Arts in History from West Virginia University in 1993.

Donald A.J. Kunkel, Assistant Vice President of Business Development, Medisys Health Group

Donald Kunkel is in charge of business development for Medisys’ Independent Medical Assessments division (IMA). He leads the development, marketing and sales of Medisys’ IMA products and services. He also manages the sales and marketing staff for Medisys’ IMA operations in Ontario and British Columbia.

Mr. Kunkel began his career in claims adjusting. He moved into product development and marketing, focusing on medical assessments for insurers as well as for industrial and corporate clients. His experience in this area spans almost two decades.

Rob McDougall, President, Upstream Works

Rob McDougall, president and co-founder of Upstream Works has been a catalyst for change within the Call Center industry for many years. With Upstream Works, he developed a successful business model that provides technology solutions to many high profile customers. He continues to be a force for ongoing strategic business development throughout the organization. Rob is the author of many of Upstream Works white papers.

Prior to the creation of Upstream Works, Rob held the role of R&D Director for TSB International/Telco Research, where he was responsible for product development and the tactical direction of InterLynx CT, which was renamed and ultimately evolved into Upstream Works core product, “eMedia CMAS.” In his distinguished 20 year career, Rob also served as the Product Development Manager for Perle Systems Ltd. He graduated as an Electrical Engineer from the University of Western Ontario.

George Nelson, Insurance Technical Strategist, Worldwide Financial Services Group, Microsoft Corporation

George is Microsoft’s Industry Technology Strategist responsible for the insurance industry worldwide. His duties are to provide the technical underpinning to help give Microsoft’s products an industry perspective. His work includes key functions such as technical aspects of Microsoft’s Insurance strategy, industry architectures, solution management, partner alignment, community building, as well as working with standards bodies such as ACORD.

George has been at Microsoft for 13 years and spent much of that time working with many of the Microsoft’s Financial Service ISVs and SI partners as a Architect. He has helped these customers architect new systems, develop 3-5 year roadmaps, integrate with their legacy systems and provide prescriptive guidance on how to best develop on Microsoft’s platform. He has also helped many of these customers develop and deploy Mission critical applications and solutions on the Microsoft platform across data centers around the world. He has literally worked with hundreds of solutions across financial services and spent his early years prior to Microsoft in lead development roles at various companies designing and developing HR, healthcare, accounting and workflow systems.

Wayne Nykyforchyn , President, Allegient Systems

Wayne joined Allegient Systems in 1999, bringing with him over 20 years of management experience, including senior management roles with leading insurance industry outsourcing and software companies, including ADP, CGI (ISI Systems), Xerox and IBM.

His claims knowledge has been instrumental in leading the Allegient team in the design and development of their market leading claims eBilling solution – The Expense and Performance Management Suite. While at ADP, he played an influential role in developing and delivering state-of-the-art business process outsourcing services and software products to support ADP’s claims solutions. His accomplishments include the design and implementation of Pen Pro, ADP’s successful auto and property damage estimation product and he was a member of the acquisition team of Integrated Medical Solutions, a leading provider of medical bill review services to the P&C industry.

Wayne is a graduate of Ryerson University in Toronto.

Dave Patrick, Vice President Business Development, iter8 Inc.

Dave Patrick joined iter8 in 2007 as the Vice President of Business Development responsible for iter8’s expansion into the US and for sales into specific Canadian insurers. Formerly Dave was CEO at the Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO). From CSIO Dave brings valuable experience to iter8 in the area of standards implementation, the value of standards, and the potential for efficiency and service gains in the broker insurance distribution channel. Prior, Dave was SVP at CGI responsible for the Insurance Solutions and Services practice.

Ismail Pishori, Vice President, Financial Services Marketing, TELUS

As Vice President, Financial Services Industry Marketing, Ismail brings an impressive wealth of industry experience and knowledge to this role. Ismail develops and champions the financial services industry vertical marketing strategy and take-to-market plans, creates and drives thought leadership in strategic areas for the vertical, leverages current capabilities and solutions that exist within TELUS, and position them in the vertical. Working with the Product Management and Solutions Development teams, Ismail drives vertical solutions from ideas into action.

Ismail is a fifteen-year IT industry veteran – mostly focused on the financial services industry – with management, sales, marketing, business development, solution development, corporate development, merger integration, and alliance management experience. Most recently, he was Worldwide GM, Financial Markets Segment, Financial Services Industry, at Hewlett-Packard.

Ismail holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business, an Industrial Engineering degree from the Technical University of Nova Scotia, as well as a diploma in Engineering from Dalhousie University.

James R. Swayze, President and Chief Executive Officer – Symbility Solutions Inc.

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation since May 31, 2004.

Mr. Swayze was previously the President of Insource Limited, a consulting firm dedicated to financial services marketing, owned by GE Capital. In 1997, Mr. Swayze concurrently held the position of Senior Vice-President, Business Development of GE Employers Reassurance Canada (GE ERC) and in 2000 he was appointed Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, North America for the United States parent company of GE ERC.

Peter L. Walker, Executive Vice President – Munich Reinsurance Company of Canada and Temple Insurance Company

Mr. Walker has strategic and management responsibilities for the Information Services, Human Resources, Office Services and Real Estate departments within Munich’s Canadian non-life operations.

Peter joined the Munich Re in 1978 in the Information Services department and subsequently assumed positions of increasing authority. He has over 29 years of experience in the insurance industry and a broad base of both technical and management experience.

Mr. Walker is an alumnus of the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Computer Science, is a Fellow of the Insurance Institute of Canada and also holds the Information Systems Professional and Canadian Risk Management designations.

Michael Wright, Vice President of Business Development, Brovada

Mr. Wright has been with Brovada since May of 2006. He has been instrumental in the growth of their flagship product Nexisys as well as working to continually evolve Brovada’s product suite.

Mr. Wright holds both a Bachelor of Business Administration as well as a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of New Brunswick. Prior to joining Brovada, he spent the previous 7 years as a consultant in the Telecommunications and Healthcare Verticals.

Hosts and Moderators

Patrick Vice, Director – Information Technology, Frank Cowan Company Limited.

Patrick has over 20 years experience enabling technology and electronic commerce in the risk management and insurance communities.

Doug Grant MBA CIP, Consultant, Insurance-Canada.ca

As a keen analyst of computer and networking evolution for more than thirty years, and the opportunity and impact on the insurance industry, frequent industry speaker, columnist, and consultant. Doug is cognizant of the changes that are occurring in the Internet insurance world. As a principal in the Insurance-Canada.ca Web site, he brings a unique perspective to the session.

Patrick and Doug will be hosts of the seminar and will welcome and set the stage, build the links between topics, and then provide conclusions and points to ponder at the end of the session.