2011 Conference: Logo

“Business Results Through Informed Action”
2011 Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Conference

Toronto Sheraton Centre – Monday, February 28th, 2011

ICTC2011 was held Monday, February 28, 2011.
ICTC2012 will be held Monday, March 5, 2012.

Business Results Through Informed Action: Conference logo breakdown

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Conference Logo and Theme

The 2011 conference theme is “Business Results Through Informed Action”. To the right is a pictorial representation of our conference logo, with a phrase naming each components. Our speakers will address one or more of the elements of the theme in their presentations.

The logo has three concentric circles. The outermost represents the main technology areas the conference will focus on. These technologies support the middle circle, made up of four components which feed from one to another: Data, Information, Knowledge and Action. Better actions lead to better results, or as the theme states “Business Results Through Informed Action”.

Components of the Logo

1. Data: The quantity, quality and explicit meaning of data is increasing and external data is also easier to access and use.

2. Information: From the analysis of data over time and predictions into the future identifies anomalies.

3. Knowledge: Expected and unusual information combined with experience, interpretation and judgment provide insight which feeds decisions.

4. Actions: Decisions define operational actions as well as longer term ones and actions in turn determine performance relative to the competition. Actions will often identify the need for more data and how existing data can be improved.

5. Results: At the end of the day, corporate success depends on results.

6. Modern Core Technologies: At the base level, modern processing systems are better at collecting and processing data required to operate the business, thus providing the foundation upon which people can apply their skills to analyze, communicate and collaborate.

7. Business intelligence and analytics: These systems and tools help confirm prior decisions and identify opportunities for future changes.

8. Web 2.0, social networking and collaboration: These technologies enable more effective communications both inside and outside the company to allow people to better share information and apply their experience to develop the growing body of knowledge, its intellectual capital.

These elements of the logo are being evaluated, selected and implemented, today, in order to drive better results and help the corporation meet its objectives.