The Chronicle: Issue 2016-05, February 2, 2016

What's Going Through The Intersection of Insurance and Technology?

Insurers: Are You on the “Digital Expressway” Wave?
Insurers, like brokers, are being driven by the same pressures: a laser-like focus, with a goal of engaging the customer beyond a simple mercantile transaction. The difference with insurers is that they have a wider range of customers. In the past, insurers took a hands-off position in the sales process, yielding complete control to the intermediary. Now – driven in no small part by social media and digital technologies – the majority of insurers and brokers recognize that the sales and service function requires close collaboration between the product manufacturer and front-line sales agent.

The Transforming Insurer: Competing in a Post-Modern World
Insurers have spent significant time and money updating processes and modernizing core business systems. What happens if modernization is only table stakes? According to leading analysts and practitioners, competitive pressures are increasing, coming from traditional and non-traditional suppliers. Their competitive advantage? Transforming the enterprise to meet the demands of customers.

The Intersection: Blog
The Intersection

an Blog

The Millennial Shift Is Here – Are You Ready?

In 2016, the number of millennials with insurance purchasing power will increase like never before. Is your customer service team up to the task?

Brought to you by Salesforce Research, learn how 1,900 industry leaders are innovating for the future of customer service.

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The Millennial Shift Is Here - Are You Ready?

Business of Insurance

Marsh launches new global excess cyber risk facility
Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, today announces the launch of Cyber ECHO, a new global excess cyber risk facility that provides more reliable insurance coverage for organizations around the world. Following a series of high-profile cyber losses, underwriters have become more selective and, in some cases, are reducing the amount of capital they are willing to deploy on certain risks — especially those involving health care and payment-card data. This is particularly acute in the excess cyber market, where rates have more than doubled in the US over the last 12 months.


Social Intelligence and LexisNexis integrate social data with fraud prevention platform
Social Intelligence and LexisNexis® Risk Solutions are pleased to announce an expanded relationship that relies on Social Intelligence's ability to gather, aggregate, analyze and distribute social data to improve fraud detection capabilities via the LexisNexis Accurint® platform. Social Media Locator, a feature included in the LexisNexis Accurint for Insurance platform since September 2014, will be available for the Accurint platform across several additional markets. By combining the powerful capabilities of both companies, Social Media Locator allows Accurint users to discover an individual's online presence in real-time, providing actionable intelligence relevant to a wide range of applications.


Sun Life launches first retirement savings tool of its kind in Canada
Sun Life Financial has launched MAX my [email protected] – an innovative digital enrolment tool that makes it easier for Canadians to take full advantage of their retirement savings at work. Canadians have become used to reviewing their benefit plans at work to make changes on an annual basis. For the first time, this new digital tool does the same for retirement savings plans at work by automating enrolment and having a regular review of their group pension plans and savings options.

InsureMy announces New Drivers Intelligence pilot program
InsureMy Ltd., a Calgary-based, full-service insurance brokerage firm, has announced the piloting of their innovative young drivers program, New Drivers Intelligence. With a full launch across Alberta and Ontario anticipated in early 2016, Canadian parents will soon have access to real-time driving data, direct from their vehicles, allowing for greater coaching opportunities between parents and new drivers.

Assumption Life announces imminent availability of e-signature for all life and critical illness products
Assumption Life kicks off the new year with great news! Before the end of March, e-signature will be available for all its life and critical illness products through eSignLive™, the e-signature choice for regulated industries including insurance and banking.

Novarica survey: Agents need insurers' support to meet real-time customer service expectations
While mobile and social media get all the buzz, the biggest disruptor in insurance distribution and service in the past few years may be email, according to a new survey of 150 agents published by research and advisory firm Novarica.

The 2016 Technology Conference & Broker Forum

Implementing new digital technologies requires adjustments to internal staff and processes and can force a redefinition of an organization's strategies and business model. But the rewards are rich – the same technologies can pave the way to better competing with existing and incipient competitors. The sword of technology cuts both ways, so get a handle on both edges at:

The February 29 Technology Conference (ICTC2016):
Cyber-Risk (and Reward?)
Nathan Sherlock, Herjavec Group; Patrick Bourk, Integro Insurance; Andrew Bourne, BDO Canada; Ruby Rai, AIG Canada
Updates on what you need to know to handle threats, while supporting clients with risk management/insurance expertise.

The March 1 Broker Forum (ICBF2016):
Blurring Lines: Who Does What in the Insurance Broker Distribution Ecosystem?
Wendy Watson, ORBiT; Jeff Roy, Excalibur Insurance Group; Ed Meiering, Aviva Canada; Bill Morris, Navicom
With the customer, broker and insurer all connected together, who does what, who communicates with whom, and who is responsible?

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Jobs and Careers

Post-Holiday Reflections, by Michelle Gurr, Givelos Partners Search
A new year can bring a wonderful sense of renewal. For many of us, it is a symbolic opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Personally, I think it is a great time to stop and assess your own personal progress. It's a time to consider what you might want to do differently moving forward. This applies to professional goals as well as personal ones.

Consumer Information

Aviva Canada announces enhanced Silver Wheel Plan for classic and custom vehicles
Good news for Quebec classic and custom car owners! Aviva Canada, one of the country's leading providers of home, auto, leisure/lifestyle and business insurance, is pleased to announce the expansion of its classic and custom vehicles program in Quebec through The Silver Wheel Plan™. The enhanced product offering and streamlined procedures will be available February 1, 2016, through trusted Aviva Canada partner, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services, a specialist with many years of experience with leisure/lifestyle insurance in the Quebec market.

SGI: #HeadsUp Saskatchewan – police watching for distracted drivers in February
Distracted driving is the traffic safety spotlight for the month of February.Police across the province will be watching for people using cellphones to talk, text, email or surf the internet while driving. They will also be on the lookout for people driving without due care and attention, due to distractions such as eating, putting on makeup, or programming a GPS, which can take a driver's focus off the road. Not only will drivers receive a ticket, their vehicle will be seized if they are a repeat offender.

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