The Chronicle: Issue 2014-35, September 2, 2014

What's Going Through The Intersection of Insurance and Technology?

What Influences Decisions on Digital Advertising for Insurance?
Back in my hometown of Detroit, I learned that consumer advertising decision-making by automobile manufacturers consisted of one part art, two parts science, and and some unknown parts corporate politics. I'm thinking that there may be a similar formula in place for decisions on digital advertising by insurers. Recent research has revealed that financial services – including insurance – is expected to increase digital spend by 83% between now and 2017 to respond to increased consumer interest in consuming digital information about financial products.

“Data vs. Data Governance” Chicken & Egg Dispute Resolved
It looks like the egg comes second in one “Which came first?” argument. At least, that's our read on a recent report by Celent, based on a survey of insurance companies on the topic of data governance. It seems that the Data chicken precedes the Governance egg by a long stretch.

The Intersection: Blog
The Intersection

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IBM report: Developing a Roadmap to Advance Enterprise Mobility
A new report released by IBM provides guidance for businesses on how to unlock the potential of enterprise mobility by empowering employees with the tools they need to make decisions, collaborate, transact and innovate in entirely new ways.

Xpertdoc and OneShield team up to provide a new joint offering to P&C insurers
Xpertdoc Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with OneShield, Inc. The partnership enables insurers to take advantage of two best-of-breed technologies that combine to accelerate the delivery of insurance products to their customer base – a key business imperative for the industry.

Business of Insurance

Trisura: All policies to now include complimentary privacy breach services
In response to the changing cyber landscape, Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company today announced that all Corporate Risk policies will now include complimentary access to privacy breach services provided by IDT911. IDT911 is North America's premier identity management and data risk management services provider and has been providing Trisura Corporate Risk policyholders with privacy breach services since 2011.


CHCAA annual conference: Charting A Course For The Fight Against Fraud
This year's conference will be both provocative and informative and includes lectures and case studies to help keep you on the cutting edge of developments in your field. All programmes in our Educational Series are designed to motivate and inspire you by contributing to your knowledge base, sharpening your skills, creating added value to your organization.

Swiss Re: Global catastrophe-related insurance losses comparatively low for H1 2014
According to preliminary sigma estimates, total economic losses from natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in the first half of 2014 were down from the total in H1 2013 and lower than the average first-half year loss of the previous 10 years. However, more than 4,700 people lost their lives in disaster events in the first six months of this year.

Consumer Information

Square One: Most Canadians wrongly believe the government will cover earthquake damage
According to a recent survey by Square One, virtually all Canadians correctly assume that earthquakes can occur anywhere in the country. But a majority wrongly believes the government will provide financial assistance for earthquake damage.

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