InsurTech Spotlight: Prodigy Labs

Prodigy Labs

Company: Prodigy Labs


Business Category: Facilitator

Maturity Status: Mature (more than 3 years in business)

Prodigy Labs is a Canadian professional services company that is leading the way in fintech innovation. Our service solutions include digital identity, payments modernization, workforce solutions and more.

We have built a reputation as a highly trusted leader in the fintech space and have received repeated accolades from clients and industry. This has resulted in high growth, the ability to attract great people, and the opportunity to do exciting work with leading financial institutions on high impact projects. We provide services and solutions ranging from advisory to delivery and operational, all with a single focus – creating real value by applying emerging technologies to enterprise client operations.

Digital identity and payments services are revolutionizing the way we transact with financial and insurance institutions and each other. Today, some of the top Canadian financial and insurance institutions rely upon Prodigy to architect, design, develop, integrate, test and deliver solutions that are used daily by millions of consumers – predominantly for identity verification and consent, payments, mobile banking, wallets, loyalty, claims, and more.

With extensive experience in digital identity and payments, Prodigy is recognized throughout North America for developing, sourcing, and delivering digital innovation. As businesses adopt new fintech technologies and services, having a partner in Prodigy Labs reduces risk and enables competitive advantage.

Describe the insurance service you provide that would qualify you as an InsurTech facilitator:

Prodigy Labs is an innovator in digital identity and payments modernization solutions in the insurance industry, two emerging developments that have the power to fundamentally impact all financial services industry participants, including insurers. We help insurance companies implement and integrate this next wave of digital technologies to improve business efficiencies in areas such as claims, underwriting, finance, fraud, IT and data.

Our insurance team can help insurers inventory and quantify feasible use cases, craft a prioritized roadmap, and implement the requisite technological solutions to improve business performance across the value chain.

What technology solutions do you facilitate for insurers?

Prodigy Labs provides emerging technology services and solutions for digital identity and payments modernization including integration with existing technologies.

Prodigy Labs’ solutions include:

  • Authenticated identity and consent capabilities through a digital identity network such as;
  • Payments modernization advisory/consulting services (e.g. about ISO20022 and real-time rails);
  • AI-driven technology recommendations for straight through processing, fraud activity identification and underwriting decisions;
  • Project health checks and rescue to ensure on-time delivery and maximum value; and
  • Our partnerships with digital identity providers, such as SecureKey (Verified.Me), Flinks and BioConnect help insurers build and use technologies to achieve trust in a digital world, embed privacy and security in digital customer interactions, and extend the digital edge for broader ecosystem integration.

About Prodigy Labs

Prodigy Labs is an innovative Canadian professional services company that is leading the way in fintech innovation. Every day, our teams of highly skilled professionals help enterprises capitalize on change in the digital identity and payments landscape. Working in partnership with our clients, we continue to design, build and deliver real value from digital transformation. For more information, please visit

Source: Prodigy Labs

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