InsurTech Spotlight: Dundas Life

Dundas Life

Company: Dundas Life


Business Category: An insurance practitioner (insurer, MGA, broker, agent)

Maturity Status: Startup (less than 3 years since product went into production)

Product or Service: Full Service Digital Insurance Brokerage

Area: Life & Health Insurance

Dundas Life combines the best of the digital experience and high-quality insurance advisory. Insurance is complicated and shouldn’t be left to robo-advisors. Our digitally enabled advisors make the insurance assessment process accessible while guiding you through all of life’s hurdles in the decades ahead.

What makes us an InsurTech:

Today’s insurance advisors are swamped with legacy processes. An advisor needs their clients to navigate through disclosure documentation, the needs assessment, CASL legislation, multiple e-applications, multiple paper applications, various administrative tools, ugly illustration software, paramedical providers and more! Buying insurance today eats up hours of a person’s day and wastes hundreds of pages of paper. However, a client can also experience a sharp contrast in the buying process from an automated robo-advisor that may or may not address a person’s unique needs.

We’re simplifying this process for clients by providing them with a digital first platform where clients receive the right product and the best in class advice, on their terms. We meet with our clients digitally and only work with competitive, digital first insurance carriers. Long gone are the days of enormous stacks of paper for a product that might not even be right for the client! With Dundas Life, clients can access their documentation on their smartphone or tablet, for a product that suits their needs. All digital, all the time!

Despite our service being digitally focused, our clients come first. Our offering doesn’t generate a generic quote. We take the time to explain to our client how we landed on the solution. This ensures they’re not paying for insurance they don’t need. In case of a claim, our advisors are there to help clients navigate the complicated world of insurance claims, and may even drive out to the client to provide the absolute best service. Our business is conducted with best in class technology, without losing the human touch.

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Major features & technology used:

Large scale technological change needs to take place in the insurance industry today. Insurers in Canada still regularly use paper applications, and a digital data standard doesn’t exist (kudos to CLIEDIS on their work and leadership so far!). Where it becomes particularly tedious is a wet signature requirement in the middle of the COVID pandemic!

Dundas Life works with the best in class chatbot firm, Drift, to provide exceptional customer service. Long gone are the days where a client has to wait days to get a response to an email or wait hours on hold. The chatbot gets our clients results right away, because that’s what clients demand in the fourth industrial revolution.

We’ve worked with multiple general agencies and Docusign to create one streamlined documentation flow for clients. Before numerous carriers even establish an e-signature standard (and it should be Docusign), Dundas Life is paving the way for the digital future by compiling all of this documentation in one place.

Most importantly, Walter Isaacson, in his book The Innovators noted that the greatest innovations in history were the ones that enabled how humans work and solve problems. Instead of creating an artificial intelligence that spits out an insurance solution before understanding the entire picture, our advisors audit our software’s result and ask any necessary follow up questions to provide the best solution available. Innovation for innovations sake is useless unless it makes the client experience better.

Insurance documentation is burdensome, and requires a lot of note taking that takes the advisor away from serving their client with undivided attention. Supporting platforms like Chorus and Gong will fulfill this compliance role in the future to simplify note taking by transcribing entire conversations that take place off of best in class CRM’s like

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About Dundas Life

Our founding team started Dundas Life in 2020 with the goal of making life insurance easy, the right fit and affordable. Our own paper ridden, inconsistent service experiences within the insurance industry pushed us to create Dundas Life. The industry is riddled with horror stories including advisors positioning the wrong product or looking after their own needs over client needs. We decided to change that.

At Dundas Life we provide the right coverage that’s tailored to your specific needs. With no high-pressure sales tactics, we take time to ensure you have the right coverage. With your average insurance advisor being sixty years old in North America, Dundas Life is decades younger and will be here through all of life’s events. In the case of an insurance claim, we provide a high touch, personal service at a very sensitive time in a person’s life.

Most Canadians don’t have the right life insurance coverage for their families. Dundas Life is the solution.

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