2013 ICTA Winners

2013 ICTA Winners

Congratulations to the winners and finalists for 2013! The winners, as selected by the ICTA jury, were announced at the Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Conference in Toronto on March 18, 2013.

The winners and then the finalists are listed below. We also extend our thanks to all of the nominees – more details on all of the nominees, finalists and winners can be found here.

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2013 ICTA Winners

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2013 ICTAs: Square One

The winner in the Distributor category was Square One, for offering an integrated paperless online and offline service to quote and buy home insurance from a menu of coverages.

A delegate from Square One accepts the award.

2013 ICTAs: Accident Support Services International

The winner in the Supplier category was Accident Support Services International; ASSI operates CROMS as an auto collision data and reporting tool at reporting centres within many municipalities to the benefit of insurers, policy forces and the insureds.

Delegates from Accident Support Services International accept the award.

2013 ICTAs: Unica

The winner in the Insurer category was Unica with Keal and iter8, for offering brokers the ability to perform real-time policy change from within their broker management system.

Delegates from Unica accept the award.

2013 ICTAs: iter8

Delegates from iter8 accept the award.

2013 ICTAs: Keal Technology

Delegates from Keal accept the award.



2013 ICTA Finalists

2013 ICTAs: Shepherd Group

Finalists in the Distributor category included Shepherd Group, which developed an online service and brand with high-quality functionality, backed by extensive use of social and other online marketing.

Delegates from Shepherd Group accept the plaque.

2013 ICTAs: Ingle International

Finalists in the Distributor category also included Ingle International, which provides an online service to group members with travel insurance as part of their benefits package to purchase only the supplemental coverage they wish.

Delegates from Ingle International accept the plaque.

2013 ICTAs: State Farm

Finalists in the Insurer category included State Farm, who offer their auto policyholders a mobile device which tracks driving characteristics to determine a driving score, meant to improve driving behaviour.

Delegates from State Farm accept the plaque.

2013 ICTAs: Ontario Farm Mutuals

Finalists in the Insurer category also included Ontario Farm Mutuals, with technology by Mutual Concept Computer Group, which provide a high quality of customer service while managing high levels of efficiency.

Delegates from Farm Mutuals accept the plaque.

2013 ICTAs: CAA Insurance

Finalists in the Insurer category also included CAA Insurance, with technology by Kanetix SaaS and SCM Insurance Services, which offers an online property quoter with powerful functionality (first to market) and a rich customer experience

Delegates accept the plaque.

2013 ICTAs: FirstOnSite

Finalists in the Supplier category included FirstOnSite, who developed a tablet application with online capability to support their project managers in the field, thereby improving efficiency and customer service.

Delegates from FirstOnSite accept the plaque.


For more information on the nominations see 2013 ICTA Finalists and Nominees.

General information about the Insurance-Canada.ca Tech Awards is available on the ICTA homepage.